Hypnosis for Fertility in New York


Your Natural Conception and Successful Pregnancy

with Morrin Bass

"I was preparing to use a surrogate, when I heard about hypnosis for Fertility. I am so happy that I did.... It helped me to get my baby in a safer and easier way. And to experience being pregnant and become a real mother!" Madison, 38.

A Natural and Holistic Approach - Hypnosis for Fertility - Your Can Conceive Naturally 

When you have the right conception then you will conceive.

How long can you go on hiding your painful secret and feeling inadequate?

"Working with you I  experienced progress right away! The next thing I know is that I have 8 times more eggs than last time." Sasha, 39

"Morrin, I could n't have done it without your help." Tina, 38

Morrin Bass, PhD, MBA, BCH, CI, CHBCE, Hypnosis for Fertility and Birthing Specialist


What happens inside of you when you decide to have a baby and can't conceive?

Who decides what needs to happen so the baby could come into our family?

Physically, spiritually? What about what happened the past? How do you get past that?

What if you were trying to conceive for months, or years?

What if there is no reason for the baby not to be with you?

Diagnosed with unexplained or secondary infertility? see no other way and thinking of preparing for IVF? tried with IVF and ...nothing?



There is another way.

Allow Morrin to show you how you can conceive naturally and have fun relaxing and enjoying your life again.


"The program that I went through here is the most amazing thing, now I feel in control," Sasy,35

"it's very simple, why didn't I think to come here earlier!" Olga, 29

" I feel in my body, present to each moment, able to make my own decisions, I feel exhilarated with my own power!" Melissa, 27

" You are amazing! It took some time for me to trust that my situation can change. It is all because of you! Thank you Morrin." Cathy, 34

 "I wish I came here in first place not as my last resort. I could have saved so much time." Sonya, 38

"I feel confident about myself, about my body and that my body knows what to do now." Sue, 41.

" I learned the self-hypnosis exercise that I can use in other areas of my life and help myself build up for the important stuff...My husband and family noticed how much calmer and more confident I am now!" Susan, 33.

"Even though we continued with my IVF, I felt that I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you." Meg, 38


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