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Assisting Birthing Mother in More Comfortable, Safe and Calm Birthing.

"What you know is amazing! What becomes possible knowing HypnoBirthing, is even more amazing!" Prenatal Yoga Instructor, also a pregnant mom, Maria S. 39, New York

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"This program is a significant financial help for me." Baila, doula.

"I am amazed how well this program is received among the pregnant women work with, and how pleasant it is to work with you Morrin. Thank you" Leila, Manager.

"This check really helps out! Thanks!" Sasha, labor educator.

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HypnoBirthing IS The MOST AMAZING SECRET for Calm, Peaceful, Happy labor and birth;

Healthy, Calm, Alert Newborn and Helpful, Responsible, Knowing Husband



How to choose between the hospital and home birth?

Why most fathers-to-be choose to hand it off to the hospital?

How to choose the hospital? How to choose the doctor?

What needs to be in place for the home birth? How to interview a doctor or a midwife? This and more you will learn here. Fill out the box form and you will be on your way.


a calm birth, alert baby, and with that - a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and gratitude.

But don't take my word for it, read the moms testimonials who experienced  HypnoBirthing births in a birthing center, hospital or at home.


Why smart moms choose to study with Morrin?

"I chose your class because of you, Morrin, because your personalized teaching of childbirth class makes all the difference for my motivation and level of preparedness for my own baby's birth. I feel confident and unafraid. I trust your knowledge, your expertise, and your incredible skill. I want to continue to learn from you." Maria, mom of 2 HypnoBirthing babies.

"Morrin. you are a treasure instructor, I am so glad I found you!" Jenellen.

"Morrin, I am still amazed, this was all a miracle, thank you for your invaluable presence and HypnoBirthing instruction." Julia, 33

"HypnoBirthing surely guided us through the whole later stage of our pregnancy and we thank you Morrin for teaching us." Claire, Eric and Helia

"Hi Morrin- Thank you so much for your help. (Husband) and I feel empowered and with so much positive energy." Dara, 36


"Amazingly simple, intuitive and easy to learn. But can't learn it by yourself. Can't learn this from the book either. Need you - instructor. Morrin, your professionalism, your personality, your voice, your are what makes the course so invaluable."  Jen, 36.

"Now I feel comfortable and prepared. I am confident I will beof use to my wife." John, 39

"Even though it is standardized curriculum, the teacher is everything! Thank you Morrin. You made our class very personal, which made such a difference in my birth, and in my life." Marie, 38.

"Morrin thank you for insisting on our practices and making the skills available to us. It made a whole difference to study with you. We could not have done it without you." Elle, 32

"Morrin, Thank you, I could not have done so well without the power of mind you taught. We are so grateful." Suzie, 33.

"You had opened up a whole new world for me to experience in my birthing." Nina, 28.


Celebrities discovered HypnoBirthing - Gisele Bundchen shares how easy it was to birth her child naturally - the way she wanted it - comfortably, without pain, without tearing...

Jessica Alba loved her first HypnoBirthing birth so much, she prepares for her second using HypnoBirthing again, and her husband learned to give her HypnoBirthing relaxation!


"People say, I am crazy

to want natural birth! But I do want my baby to be born in a safe and comfortable way, without drama, and without trauma! Is it wrong?" Raphaela, 36

"Dreadful experience with the hospital classes. No real information, no understanding of my needs. No love. Your class, Morrin, is just the opposite. Entertaining, educational, and very very useful. Thank you!" Erica.26

"The other day I spent 20 minutes on the phone

just to try to get through to the hospital so I can get information on their classes, and All I found out was that they teach the class skewed toward their hospital rules, cesarean prep and when to ask for epidurals! And all I want is information so my husband and I can make a comfortable choice! Your class offers just that, information and training that is invaluable to me and my husband! I am amazed how personally knowledgeable you are. I am glad I signed up with you!" Sima, 29