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HypnoBirthing® Mother-Baby Connection®

For Smart New York Moms-To-Be Who Want to Know

Do you want to become a conscious parent?

Do you wonder How you can give your baby all you can?

You know your baby is coming from Light, and  that your baby chose you for a reason.

You share with your baby how much you love your baby.

And you want to know

how to deepen your connection to your baby?

What if you could receive advice from your baby right NOW... on

how to be during labor so you are comfortable


What do you want your baby to know right now?

What are you curious about to ask?


Transpersonal Experience Emotional Connection of Mother with her unborn Baby

Now you have an opportunity with Morrin Bass: fill this form out so

you can have the experience of your life!


" I received my baby's name, she told it to me herself. before I didn't even know that we are having a girl. The female energy was so prominent." Maria

"I released some long standing fears about birthing!

I so enjoyed my session with you. :))" Amy, 35 weeks.

"All fears are gone after just 2 hours with you, impossible, but true!" Maria, 39, 27 weeks, second baby.

"OMG, incredible experience just in itself so real. I saw my baby and she talked to me like a wise woman.... I got so much insight I can use in real life. THANK YOU!!" Natasha, 34, 31 weeks.

"This is so helpful to create the future memory of birth, the way i want it." Lisa, 39 weeks.

" I learned what held me back in the past, and I learned how to be a creator of my baby's birth." J., 26 weeks

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Morrin, this was wonderful! I am so fearless now." Diane, 13 weeks.

"This clearly explains how my baby needs more time to come to me." Looking to get pregnant, Sue, 29.

Morrin's Approach

Morrin Bass, HypnoBirthing Instructor has an unusual skill to

give you your unique experience of connecting with your baby.


Morrin Bass has been trained with both Michael Newton, Ph.D. a foremost authority on spiritual hypnosis and with Marie Mongan, CHI author of the HypnoBirthing method for comfortable birth. As a professional hypnotist, an instructor for over a decade, Morrin enjoys passionate fascination with human mind, research in neuro-scientific explanations for the phenomenon and experience of years with her client work. Morrin uses incredible precision with her pregnant clients.


Morrin's work with pregnancy is unique, and no one else does this work.

Sign your name in the box and join the exclusive club of those who have the privilege to connect with their baby before birth.