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HypnoBirthing® in New York City with Morrin Bass

HYPNOBIRTHING SCHEDULE: Next Class starts January 22 (tuesday) and February 10 (sunday), 2013


Complete Childbirth Education HypnoBirthing Classes in NYC

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! The only class you need for your birth preparation

"I still can't get over how amazingly relaxing and comfortable, and enjoyable was my birth experience. Thank you for your instruction, Morrin."  Julia, 32

Best QUALITY  Group and Private CLASSES with Morrin Bass Ph.D, MBA, BCHI, CHBE.

What Is HypnoBirthing®

Why just reading the hypnobirthing book is not enough??

Satisfied hypnobirthing Birth Stories                   

Why Smart Moms Enroll with Morrin

HypnoBirthing® CLASSES Curriculum     



Pregnant? If you are looking for information on HypnoBirthing, Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth, Vaginal Natural Birth, Joyful Orgasmic Birth, Pregnancy week-by-week guide, Giving Birth, and other information on pregnancy


20% more smart New Yorker Moms-to-Be last year asked for HypnoBirthing Classes.

So What's HypnoBirthing?

Imagine Your Baby's Peaceful Birth: smooth, comfortable, quiet, with positive energy. Imagine yourself smiling all the way through your labor. Imagine your husband being assertive knowing what to do and what to say so you get the most help without even asking for it.


HypnoBirthing is not just a set of techniques. Marie Mongan makes it clear that HypnoBirthing is a philosophy of calm and comfortable being, relaxing your body and mind, utilizing the information for having a good enjoyable time during labor and birth. UNLIKE being knocked out by medical drugs, numbed senseless, tired and drowsy, with HypnoBirthing you have an ability to be aware, perceptive, happy, and most importantly - attentive to your unborn baby's needs, your husband's communications and ready and able to make clear and definite decisions. You begin to know

  • what to do in the next moment of  labor,

  • what words to say to communicate your love,

  • how to create comfortable sensations during labor,

  • how to stay safe and creative, alert and comfortable

  • how to create your ideal birth and follow through to really have what you desire.

"...I am thrilled to report that (husband) got a promotion last week, and his boss told him it is because of  his new noticeable calmness and good management decisions he has been making recently. I think it is because he had been using the self-hypnosis you taught us. Also I learned how to keep calm and emotionally stable throughout the day. I have to thank you for it, Morrin ..." Emily, 27.


Think I am dreaming? Not according to the moms who take the HypnoBirthing course at New York Awareness Center with Morrin Bass.


"I dilated from 4cm to 9.5cm in 20 minutes using self-hypnosis that you taught me..." Jen, 38.


If one mom can do it, YOU CAN TOO and not only one, hundreds of moms did it before you! Read more Happy HypnoBirthing stories.

"There is only one chance to give your baby a healthy birth, a chance to give yourself an exquisite, satisfying, spiritual birthing experience." Morrin Bass is a passionate instructor, who studied and perfected the techniques of ancient art of hypnotism adapted to labor and birth by Marie Mongan about 30 years ago.

ENROLL in your HypnoBirthing Class AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE

Give yourself and your baby a chance in a peaceful life start and to enjoy your birth

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12 hours of approved HypnoBirthing education classes

Choose from 2 types of scheduled classes: total 12 hours

5 2.5-hour in weekday or  weekend classes

If you have special timing considerations call Mark 347-783-9136 today


Week-Nights class starts
Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

5 Weekday Evenings
Dates: April 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7
6pm-8:30pm, 2.5 hours per class,
5 Tuesday nights
If your due date is June-July 2013 take this class
==>Fees and Registration for Tuesday Night class


Space is limited.
Best to have 6-8 weeks from the end of your class until your due date to allow time for home practice and integration. Sometimes babies come ahead of schedule. Become prepared!

Call Mark Today at 347-783-9136
To help you choose the best option for you, to qualify and enroll



Weekend class starts

5 Sunday Mornings

10am – 12:30pm — 2.5 hours each class
Dates: TBA
If you are due in *** take this class.
==> Fees and Registration for Sunday Morning class


FOR Registration CLICK HERE

If you have special situations or timing considerations please call Mark for private scheduling. Couples with special considerations enjoy working with Morrin one-on-one learning individually at their pace.
Call Mark Today at 347-783-9136
To help you choose the best option for you, to qualify and enroll

Find out how you can get reimbursed by your insurance for taking this class.
Click Here for: Fees / Registration for HypnoBirthing classes

Your Total 5-Class Investment:

$357. per couple


Insurance Reimbursement: 20%-80% of the cost of this class depending on your insurance.

Receive your Insurance Reimbursement form with your sign up with Morrin.


Click here to experience your own Mother-Baby Transpersonal Connection®


Since the mid last century the spiritual awareness about the baby birth, as a natural progression in a woman's life became prominent and since early 2000 - is the most desirable way to give birth, particularly among the conscious New Yorker parents. Whether you are new to parenting or planned it for a long time preparation is essential and much of it must be done in advance of baby arrival.


Individual Attention to Each Student Mom and Dad

Every class is unique as Morrin scales the work toward each individual student moms/dads assembly, yet they all get the same curriculum and skills. We start with re-training your imagination away from the society influenced image of scream painful birth toward the peaceful calm and enjoyable experience, most moms end up having after graduating from Morrin's class.

It is not enough to just read the book

Many think that reading and putting their knowledge to practice is the same thing. It's not. The knowledge magically appears only when practiced over and over with your partner, over a period of time. Preferably 6-8 weeks before birth. It becomes easier and easier to use.  As you make this practice part of your life most parents find they have an easier time with their new baby. Mothers who use self- hypnosis after their baby arrives, find that their body returns back to normal  in 1-2 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks. Their milk is ample, the belly decreases in 1 week.


You can be back to normal, enjoying your baby, able to stay energized, enjoying all aspects of  your life more fully. Those who read the book and did not attend the class vs. those who attended the class and practiced the skills learned in class, have dramatically different results, according to client testimonials.


Exercises and techniques you learn in class:

As you learn to use your imagination and strengthen your focus your practice progresses from breathing to visual imagery,  to your ability to influence your own birth experience. Imagine transferring  this ideal birth experience imagery to your labor experience. One of the first unique exercises we do in class is to create your ideal birth.


Creating Awareness Making the Right Choice

Using your imagination to create the birth that you want, becomes the only option in your mind, Your mind-body experience through HypnoBirthing techniques creates your  comfortable birth.


Training you to use your mind to create a birth plan and keep you centered and calm through your labor. Attaining your ideal birth is the purpose of your HypnoBirthing program. Your new skills enable you to become facile in creating relaxation, learning positive self-soothing affirmations, special breathing techniques and connection with your baby.


Partner to Partner Awareness During Labor

You partner/husband gets involved on the level he never thought possible and becomes helpful and aware, anticipating your needs and supporting you fully. So, go on, enroll now, and start getting ready for the most exciting experience of your life.


Eliminating Post Partum Depression

One of the major benefits of calm natural birth is continuity of positive emotions, ample breast milk, lots of energy for yourself, your baby and your husband. You will discover true  enjoyment of motherhood.


Commitment to Satisfaction

This class is NOT for those couples who are NOT committed to preparing, and practicing. This is essential to the creation of a loving and safe experience for the most important moment in your baby's life.


Each mom deserves her own BEST experience!  We provide a safe and comfortable controlled environment to practice the future memory of your experience. Want the best for your baby, demand the best for yourself, by enrolling with Morrin Bass for your HypnoBirthing training.  Most of our client moms are referrals.


Why Choose Classes with Morrin Bass?

Morrin's HypnoBirthing moms get results. It's that simple. Look at the testimonials of Morrin's HypnoBirthing moms and compare. Morrin gives you her full attention, and she is not only a HypnoBirthing instructor she is also a full time professional hypnotherapist and hypnosis instructor .


Morrin's knowledge, and over 20 years professional experience, speak to her passion and commitment to excellence in the field of hypnosis. Utilizing standard HypnoBirthing curriculum Morrin specializes in delivering high quality training well designed  for those moms and their partners who are committed and ready to create an experience of awareness and peace, for the safe birth of their baby.  You learn skills that are practical and valuable for your birth experience and even after you bring baby home. Morrin teaches what you and your husband need to know to have the experience you want during labor and birth. Her guidance and experience assure you a high quality experience


Babies born naturally, calmly, enjoyably are able to keep intense, prolonged eye contact, are stronger, healthier, and exhibit leadership skills early in life. The results moms, dads, and newborns get are;  a satisfying experience during labor and a gratifying peaceful birth. and that's what counts. Morrin trained hundreds of moms to make the birth of  their first baby a peaceful experience.


Here's why smart moms who want the best choose Morrin Bass

" Morrin, (my husband) and I couldn't thank you enough! We thought our time with you in the class was very special. We were spoiled with your attention and professional knowledge. Without your class our experience in birthing our beautiful (son) was not going to be possible! Now, I see why other moms admire how calm and aware and alert our (baby) is, sitting and smiling at us, as if he understands what we are talking about (I am sure he does::)). Such a pleasure to share with you the experience that was so unique and satisfying. Love and hugs, and endless thanks!" Brittany, 32


Morrin, Thank you, I could not have done so well without the power of mind you taught. We are so grateful." Suzie, 33.


"I had this voice in my head saying "You can do this, you can enjoy this, you are powerful, your body knows what to do"; the voice that you showed me and taught me how to listen to, as apposed to the other voice I used to have telling me "You are a failure, this is too hard." I learned to put my attention to the voice I want to hear and this helped me to have the birth that I wanted. Also, {my husband} learned to be helpful and that made him feel participant and helped me. So I have to thank you for this experience. We could not have done it without your skillful training." Ilana, 23.


"You have opened up a whole new world of possibility to experience my baby's birthing." Nina, 28.

HypnoBirthing at New York Awareness Center is a philosophy of a holistic approach to safer and more comfortable birth.


"Despite the name, there’s no swinging pendulum, no mantras – just deep breathing, imagery, meditation techniques. Unlike some natural methods, hypnobirthing isn’t about powering through pain, warrior-style. It’s about having a gentle birth, confidence, love and comfort." Laura Wides-Munoz, HypnoBirthing Anyone?


Morrin will teach you and your partner how to achieve the birth of your dreams. You can't learn this on your own from a book!


More About Instructor Morrin Bass

Morrin Bass, NGH BCH,CI, Your Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor, Continuing Education Provider, with over 30 years experience

"I chose your class because of you, Morrin, because your teaching of HypnoBirthing childbirth class made a difference, gave me confidence, and a level of preparedness for my own baby's birth so I could have the satisfying birth that I wanted." Lisa, 28

"I feel confident and unafraid. I leave knowing I can operate my body and mind with confidence, because you taught us how to practice effectively." Jean, 32

"I chose your class because I was impressed by your HB Moms stories. If somebody could do it, I could." Tammy, 33

" ....I trusted your expertise, and your creative delivery makes an indelible imprint. ....and your voice! Baby moved a lot when she hears your voice." Serena, 39

"Thank you for that experience." Ana, 42

" ...Thank you for your wise encouragement." Maria, 38, mom of 2.

For your personalized class custom scheduling

call Mark at 347-783-9136

As you decide that you need more releasing of previous memories, unwanted experiences and negative energies - work with Morrin, she is a brilliant experienced hypnotherapist, choose this opportunity to become a better parent through personal sessions. Morrin provides personal mentoring for parents who want more success in more areas in their lives, even after the baby comes..

Contact Mark to schedule your additional sessions with Morrin.


Special Program for Pregnant childbirth professionals contact Mark at 347-783-9136

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Group classes are held at 40 Exchange Place, at Wall Street, downtown Manhattan

Private schedules in our office or in your home

Private Classes in your home (Manhattan only)



Invite your doula or midwife to attend our HypnoBirthing® for Birthing Professionals class


Both you and your partner must be available for the entire series of classes

The earlier you start, and the more you practice, the better your comfort and the better your baby's birth experience!

And it is never too late to learn HypnoBirthing.

With HypnoBirthing The Marie Mongan Method book you begin your adventure into the world of HypnoBirthing

Choose Your HypnoBirthing Classes here


Read and watch HypnoBirthing videos, get inspired by our home page HypnoBirthing® classes information

Mother-Baby Connection opportunity for divine connection with your baby with HYPNOBIRTHING® CLASSES

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Mothers Testimonials

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Helpful Resources for HypnoBirthing Moms

Introduction to HypnoBirthing informational video

Happy HypnoBirthing Home Birth Stories

To book a private class:

Call Mark now at 347-783-9136 for Morrin's availability

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Get FREE 21 Pregnancy Affirmations for safe and comfortable birth


Ask your childbirth provider- Doctor, Midwife, Doula, if she knows HypnoBirthing Techniques, and if not invite them to attend the class with you so she could get ahead of her competition: 20% more New Yorker Moms-to-Be in 2011 asked for HypnoBirthing Classes and 30% more had home births. Morrin had trained over 200 doulas in NYC through her Continuing Education Instruction.

HypnoBirthing classes include:

  • A free HypnoBirthing binder to keep all your HypnoBirthing materials

  • Marie Mongan's text book HypnoBirthing

  • educational information on your birthing options

  • knowledge on ways to give birth safer and more comfortably

  • Your basic hypnosis skills, techniques, practice

  • Watch inspiring HypnoBirthing birthing videos

  • Rainbow Relaxation

  • material to practice with your partner at home

  • scripts approved by the HypnoBirthing Institute

  • and much more...

More about approved Curriculum click here

Want to have a comfortable birth? -

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With HypnoBirthing The Marie Mongan Method book you begin your adventure into the world of HypnoBirthing


You're in Labor, and Getting Sleeeeepy, article in The New York Times, 2006

Celebrity HypnoBirther Gisele Bündchen talks about her HypnoBirthing Birth: I Had a Water Birth (article)  

HypnoBirthing babies are healthier and more alert, they are calm and develop better and faster... -

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