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"I feel so focused now....All my fear vanished, disappeared! I am free..."


"Dear Morrin,

...we had our baby girl, <baby name>, on April 13th! She was born at 6:09 am after about 7 hours of beautiful and easy "labor." I used Hypnobirhting breathing and <husband> led me through imagery throughout and I never "pushed." <Baby> came out just perfect and there was NO BLOOD, NO TEAR, and even NO SWELLING. <Baby> swam out of me in the birthing tub into <husband>'s hands and he brought her right up to my chest. The cord was cut much later and we just sat and marveled at her beauty. Our daughter <name>(3 3/4 yrs) watched the whole thing and even had her hand on my shoulder while <Baby> emerged. To have this imprint of what birth can be on <daughter>'s brain brings me so much joy. Having this kind of birth has been a gift for our whole family. Thank you for your instruction and encouragement." Orianna, 33


"Dear Morrin,
Thank you so much for all that you did for us, it was great meeting you, and getting to practice with you. I am so happy we decided to take real classes, I know it will make a big difference, and I am very very happy it was with you. We are so grateful to you for the great energy, expertise, and dedication that you brought into our home, it's an experience that we will never forget. ....:Sarah.33


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It's a girl! -

A Testimonials From a New HypnoBirthing Mom, May, 2011

"Hi Morrin! Thank you so much for checking in! Yes, I do have a Happy HypnoBirthing story to tell. Yes, it is a girl! She is more than we ever could have expected or imagined... This birth was such a blessing!! I am so proud of myself and of our efforts together....The birth went well. I mean really peaceful and calm. All went beyond my expectations. Hypnobirthing proved to be a wonderful tool, and as I transitioned SOOOO fast that both my midwife and doula were completely amazed and shocked!!

My water broke at 7:30 pm and by midnight I was FULLY dialated. Me and worked really beautifully together.....
Thank you so much for all of your training and coaching.
You were a HUGE help in our home Hypnobirthing experience....I delivered completely naturally, totally safe and normal. it is amazing how normal it seems in retrospect. We are so happy.
...The complete home birth experience, where the labor was great, and in the end - the birth was just as great as the last accord in the great symphony about love and life!
Thank you for checking in!!!
Love, Misha, 33

HypnoBirthing® in New York

with Morrin Bass, unveiling the SECRET for Calm, Peaceful, Happy childbirth:  

You are calm; Baby is Healthy, Calm, Alert;

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in ONLY 30 days you become empowered by fearless confidence and create positive readiness for your calm baby birth.


"You absolutely have my permission to quote me endorsing HypnoBirthing and/or you personally... I would not have had the experience I did without it<HypnoBirthing>, for sure. So many hours! It was so quiet in our room compared to all the rooms around us- we could hear screaming and banging around and people shouting- and that was the norm on the L and D floor- blech! I do have to say though, that both <husband> and the midwife thought I was a bit TOO relaxed several times and that I needed to "feel" more... I was so focused on relaxation and transmuting whatever might have been perceived as pain. That's something I learned- that you need to be very physically present to have a baby! lol! ... but when you are going through the labor process, you really are more in your "embodiment" than you are at any other point in your life, with probably the exception of your OWN birth, that it is necessary to really BE in your embodiment to make it work the way that it was intended. I think somewhere between fear/pain and out-of-body lies the place where HypnoBirthing works best. .. perhaps others may benefit from that understanding."

""  Jenellen, 38

Dr. Morrin Bass Hypnobirthingtm Instructor and Marie (Mickey) Mongan, the author of Hypnobirthingtm


Hi Morrin
I am doing pretty good. I had my beautiful baby boy August 29th. He was 3 weeks early.... baby and mommy where healthy and did beautifully : )...We made it to Brooklyn by 8:30 am and went into the Methodist Hospital around 11:30 or so.
There where some concerns my midwife had that I didnt have, but it set the mood for the rest of the day. We were not exactly on the same page. She seemed to be in a hurry for <baby> to be birthed so I mostly tuned her out from the beginning. <Husband> was wonderful stayed by my side the whole time and reminded me to breathe.
It was the most intense experience of my life and I had to constantly go back to all I had learned to stay focused and as calm as I could.
I had a big battle in my head it went something like this:
"you are crazy, you cant do this! you should have asked for pain killers!! " and "I can do this, my body knows what its doing, breathe. stay calm, stay relaxed, stay positive..."

I managed to go into some kind of trance and stayed focused.
It took all I had to go through the thinning part but after that the baby was born pretty fast I think. To me the whole thing went fast from the time I was in active labor.

In any case I just realized I had to surrender to everything, to my baby, my body an all the circumstances surrounding me. Letting go was crucial and I dont know if I would have been able to do it had It not being for all my preparations with the hypnobirthing and meditation.
So I have to thank you for the role you played in all this.
Again thank you for all your help in my re-programing : )
Ixiana, 27

"Today I had lunch with my friend who first told me about Hypnobirthing, she showed me the photos her husband took right after she gave birth. She looks completely relaxed, at ease, calm and happy, no sweat on her face." Sarah, 39.


"Hi Morrin,
It's been a while, but I'm finally getting the chance to sit down and write you to let you know about the incredible birth of our son...! He arrived one week early on July 23rd at 11:44am. My labor was ten hours from start to finish. I'm so happy that <my husband> and I decided to practice hypnobirthing. <my husband> was an amazing partner who kept me focused and relaxed. It was an amazing experience. Morrin, thank you for teaching us the skills we needed to know and <the other couple in the HB class>, thanks for being so supportive to us in the class. It was great to get to know all of you. So here is our birth story...

I started feeling surges around 1am the night before <baby> was born. By 2:30 I was pretty sure it was all starting, so I woke <my husband> up. At first, I couldn't figure out how to get comfortable...I imagined being in the bed the whole time, like I had been practicing my hypnobirthing and listening to the tapes. I was on the floor, on the ball, in the shower,<my husband> helped me focus, so I sat on the couch and put on the tapes and breathed. From that point on I didn't move until we went to the hospital at 6am, and time really stopped. I remember looking out the window and the sun was up, so I knew time was going fast. <my husband> was timing my surges, and any time I lost focus or stopped deep breathing, my surges slowed considerably, but when my focus returned to the breathing, they would pick up immediately.


I arrived at the hospital at 6:15 and was 6cm dilated. Morrin, <my husband> took your advice and requested a nurse who was interested in natural birth, and that was the best advice ever.


The nurse we got was so supportive and helpful—she was studying to be a midwife, so she was amazed with the hypnobirthing process. Once we were settled in the room, we plugged in our cd player and blasted the hypnobirthing tapes (as the labor progressed, I had the birthing affirmations on repeat...they gave me so much comfort). When the doctor arrived, she said I was progressing beautifully, but suggested that I get on my hands and knees since the baby was "sunny-side up" with the back of his head pressing on my spine, so I was having back labor (which explains my aching back the last few weeks of pregnancy). Being on my hands and knees took the pressure off my back, which made me so much more comfortable and this is how I labored and delivered.


It was such an intense experience, but I wasn't afraid and I wasn't in pain (though I kept thinking, okay, after this contraction, I might bring up getting an epidural, but I never did say anything...I didn't need to). By the time I was ten centimeters dilated, I started breathing down, but I was feeling exhausted, so I ended up pushing...I kept saying, "I'm done. I'm done. I need this to be over." and I was ready to move things along. <my husband>, the nurse and my doctor stayed with me the whole time, encouraging me and keeping me focused (no screaming, just calm encouragement). <my husband> and I totally set the tone. Knowing, and repeating to myself that "my body and my baby know what to do," kept me calm and focused too. Though I pushed, I knew my body was relaxed and not fighting what was happening. I was worried that the pushing would cause <baby>'s heart rate to dip, but when they checked it (I'm not sure how often) he was always very stable. I'm sure this is because my body was calm and relaxed. I could feel everything (my pelvis opening), but I wasn't in pain, I was just working so hard. I felt like I was running a marathon.


And finally <baby> was born, in all his screaming glory. He was beautiful and very alert and we were so happy. The nurses and the doctor were so amazed and impressed with the hypnobirthing and that we did it so calmly, without an epidural. I hope the doctor will take this experience back to her practice and share it with others. I felt so good after the birth (though we were all exhausted). Because there were no rooms available in the post-partum unit, we were able to stay in our labor and delivery room the entire day, just us and <baby>, which was nice too.


Thank you again for all your help and support. I look forward to getting together for a reunion at some point.
All the best, Lenah, 38


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"Hi Morrin,
Thank you, thank you, thank you again! I am feeling beautiful and calm, inside and out. And boy, what faith I have!
...It will be difficult to put into words an exciting experience such as the one you provided for me...." Diana, 13 weeks pregnant at the time of the Life Between Lives Mother-Baby Connection session.


Morrin, You are doing such a great deed for mothers to be. Your skill is so needed.... And you are so good at it!! I like your soothing voice, it makes me so comfortable to know you are here, to listen to your suggestions.... It is a great amazing experience to be able to connect with my baby. I saw her, just standing near me like I see you  now, Oh, My God, she came to me and tears streaming down my face, she held my hand.... The images just kept coming and kept coming, it was so easy. And I did not even have to go into hypnosis....I am definitely going to recommend this experience to others! Moms must do it for themselves and for their babies....How wonderful that you are doing this for us, mothers... My God, How amazing it is to be able to establish this connection with my UNBORN daughter, I have been trying to connect with her, search for ways to connect with her.....I feel so focused now....All my fear vanished, disappeared! I am free to go and give the birth I want!~" Amy A. 36, 35 weeks pregnant.






Morrin Bass, Ph.D., NGH BCH, CI

Your HypnoBirthing Certified Instructor, Continuing Education provider


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Your instructor in Hypnobirthingtm, Dr. Morrin Bass (to read more about Morrin Bass other qualifications and biography click here) is trained in Hypnobirthingtm Techniques by Marie Mongan author of HypnoBirthing the Marie Mongan Method, for Safer and more comfortable birth, and Certified in the Hypnobirthingttm Institute.Morrin is a trained DONA Doula.


Morrin brings passion to work with moms-to-be and their birthing companions. Morrin believes that a better more satisfying birth is the future of the humanity.

In the last decade Morrin has trained hundreds of professional hypnotists throughout the world. Morrin is a compassionate loving spiritual teacher and a professional instructor. She devoted much time in her practice to the research of the spiritual in our lives and a follower aof the Techniques pioneered by Dr. Michel Newton and Dr. Brian Weiss, in Live Between Lives and Past Life regression. Your soul is eternal and comes to meet your baby soul on the material plain in your body. With her incredible experience and hypnotic skills, Morrin works helping mothers identify with their new role for their babies and creating bonding experiences for fathers and birthing companions.


Trained instructors coming out of the Hypnobirthingtm Institute, educators of Hypnobirthingtm are successfully teaching women and their birthing companions through out the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and many more places in 26 countries. Hypnobirthingtm is a recognized by many  technique, relieving Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome, allowing the pain free, happy birthing with Hypnobirthingttm.


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