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Testimonials from Clients:


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"...I feel a new sense of clarity and calm. I am so grateful for the experience and just wanted to share that with you."

"Mark, the work you did for me was what I needed.  The presentation went extremely well, and my segment was a success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Virginia, ad executive

"Mark, I've tried everything and this is the only thing that worked to alleviate my debilitating allergies." Jim, 45, hypnosis for allergies client.

"I have not expected this approach (hypnosis, Mytho-Self) but this is exactly  what I needed." Lisa, 25

"Wow. What a trip. What a great feeling of relief and knowing. I know how I can go on now." Ellen, LF. Past Life Regression client.

"Thank you for the hypnosis session you gave me three month ago. It really did help. I had a much better flight this summer and I don't think I need an additional session like I thought I would before. One session was enough for me. Wow, and I had this fear for over 20 years. ... I really thought (the latest flight) was great, easy and enjoyable. Thank you again." Emma R. Fear of flights, fear of heights client.

"You know, I have to admit, I love my life now.. It's soooo good to be me....  Everyday I get stronger and stronger to deal with life's little setbacks and instead of dwelling on them, I accept the challenge and move on with a learning experience...  " Gina, 33

"Morrin: I just wanted you to know how great the telephone session was for me.  I am confident, but there is nothing like a boost which I received.  Talk about mental grafting, recalling and clarity . . . Whew!  ......I would like to make an appointment... for a follow up session.  ......Thanks again," F., in Pennsylvania

"Morrin, it is so important that I found you, you were so instrumental in my finding the ways to improve myself and to learn about myself so I can get where I wanted to get to. So, thanks!" Ivy, 24, Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Reiki client.

"Your Self-Confidence Program is exactly what I have been looking for, after the first session I am able to speak about things that I was not able to say before, and hearing myself saying it feels normal and natural. The techniques and tools that you teach are so helpful and true, they work like a charm, allowing me to be who I want to be. After this two-session program I feel so open and ready for my progress, I feel amazingly relaxed and well prepared. Thank you." Kevin, 34

" I can't believe it, this is a miracle. I had my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for over 20 years, and I was able to rid myself from it after just one session. I used to worry leaving my apartment, and constantly calculate where the nearest bathroom is, fearing to take a car trip, travel was the worst. Now I am not even thinking about it, after just once seeing you, I am so free, I feel so liberated. I still can't believe what hypnosis has done for me, it is so miraculous. Besides,  hypnosis feels awesome. I do my exercises in self-hypnosis every day, several times a day, and I love it, and I feel so great! I believe I can start living my life now! Thank you, Morrin, I am forever grateful to you." Diana. 26

"Morrin, What you do in your sessions is very valuable.  You are exceptional in doing it. Yes, "exceptional" is the right word to describe it. Your presentation is very very detailed and tailored to target just exactly what I need to work on. You listen very very well, and structure the program exactly to the point. In our sessions (6) I don't think you missed anything, all my concerns were covered. Very oriented to my needs... I expect to be back for a booster program in a couple of months, after I have implemented the tools and skills I have learned here. So I can work with you to further my progress...I definitely recommend this life coaching training program as a package like I did with an option to come back. I want to come back here to learn more. " Kevin, Hypnosis and Life Coaching client.

"I am working on my setting the goals and working out the obstacles worksheet, I think this may have been the most important paper I ever received in my life...I am forever grateful to you. I have such clarity  in my mind right now, as never before." Sandy, 53, Hypnosis and Life Coaching client.

"I lost 27 pounds! I am so glad I found you, and obviously your program works! " K. 37, weightloss/anxiety hypnosis program.

"I lost 16.5 pounds in 6 weeks! After just one session with you!  I amazed myself and all my friends and family! I feel more relaxed than ever and definitely much happier!" Amanda, D. 25.

"I feel so lucky and happy that I met you. I feel so honored to learn from you all your techniques, You are such a great teacher and healer." Rose, 35.

"I wanted to tell you that after the session I was so motivated and energized and so LASER FOCUSED that I went home to do some things that I needed to do and it was great.  ...  You have been great and I cannot believe how great positive changes are in my life now. How tremendously my life has changed, thanks to you, so - Thank you!" Peggy, 57, weight loss and life-coaching client.

"Morrin, I feel so lucky (underlined by author of the note) to have found you so quickly. I feel like I have someone in my life who speaks my language - it's so rare. Not a day goes by when I don't remember your words.... Thank you." Heidi I., 29, hypnotherapy client (anxiety).

"Morrin -

Thank you for everything. You truly are a wonderful healer." I. 41, Hypnotherapy client (weight problems).



What you do for people cannot be measured in money, you made me restore my happiness. I feel great and began to enjoy life!" Carol, 27.


"You voice in following me everywhere and I love it! I make my suggestions through your voice and it makes me feel more motivated! You tapes are so effective!" Gigi, 54.


"Dear Morrin, You have such capacity to lead, that it seems that all I need is to let go and I will be where I want to be. In less than 3 months I am feeling successful, I got a new job and a new relationship, THANKS TO  YOU!!"  Katherine, 32.


"You did such a great job with me! I had that stiff think phobic ball of worry in my chest and now it is gone! You have such great energy about you and your office, very powerful!" Z.L., hypnotherapy (phobia) client

"Your sessions are so good, they are addictive." Sean R., Polarity client (self-confidence).

"I feel so light and so rested after each session, you make me feel so good, so peaceful, so content." Christine F., Reiki client, student.

" You are definitely very gifted. Your sessions are like art." Paul,  hypnotherapy and Reiki client

"You are a remarkable woman. You have great talent - you are connected to the Universal Light. You deserve more recognition." Helene, Hypnotherapy client (self-esteem).

"You sessions are very stimulating, I like to draw my motivation from my hypnosis sessions with you." S.R. Hypnotherapy client (anger management).

"I like your public speaking program, it works, I was able to achieve my goal in a short period of time." I. Hypnosis client

"You are so wonderful, so caring, so helpful! I wish I could take you home with me!" Amy, 23, hypnotherapy client (exam anxiety)

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