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Testimonials from Students

Create Confidence Through Practice and Expertise(tm), Since 2000

NGH Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Professional Certification Students/Graduates:


NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Course:

Since 2000 specifically for this course students came from Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Japan.

In the last three years  the following professions were represented in the New York Awareness Center NGH Hypnotherapy Training:

MD Psychotherapy, Ph.D. Psychology, Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist, Wall Street Assistant, Legal Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Professional Stage Hypnotist, Registered Nurse, Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Child Services Representative, Dental Technician, Student of Psychology, Massage Therapist, Real Estate Broker, Interior Designer, etc.

"Learning who I really am is more important than who I used to say I am", Anthony Sainz, 2011

"Realizing from your teaching that every thought I have is a hypnotic suggestion to myself." Chih-Ching Wu, 2011

"I have long wanted to develop hypnosis skills for my own use in my every  day life as well as my spiritual life. I also long wanted to  make a possible career out of it.

The most memorable aspect of the training was of course putting the theory to practice and making use of it for me personally. I found this extremely difficult but extremely powerful when accomplished.

I also found that theory and practice of hypnosis yanked me out of my comfort zone allowing me to get more out of it.

The teaching met my expectation which was somewhat high. Now I feel I can begin to implement it in my life." Cory Rochester, 2010.


" Basic Assessment is a great tool. That and the Past Life regression are the most powerful aspects of the training for me." Irina Byalik, 2010.


"Morrin and Mark are so knowledgeable". Eriko, from Japan, 2009.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your teaching was so needed! Consistent, consecutive, no-loop-hole organization of the material, based on your vast experience in various theories and related to personal experiences with clients, and thank you for your continuous supportive guidance in my own learning." Catherine, Professional Advanced Spiritual Techniques, Regression Integration Class 2009.

"Your depth and wealth of expertise makes for a very rich teaching. Learning and to make use of an important skill/knowledge - it benefits me, my family, and my prospective clients. Thanks!" Leslie Newman, 63, 2009.

" I can use this knowledge now in my practice to address certain ailments that I am treating often." Jeong Choi, Acupuncturist, 2009.

"<This training> exceeded my expectation: both instructors know their stuff and know how to teach it...In the past I have learned a lot of stuff about NLP, hypnosis but never really applied it, now I know and can apply what I learned. What I learned her makes me confident that I can start my own practice." Daryl Lansdale, 29. 2009.

"Thank you for a great experience!" Jaci S., 47, 2009

"Met my expectations 100%" Elena Rusakova, 46, 2009

" The course exceeded my expectations." Donna Much, 49.

"I had developed good trust in Morrin Bass, as I had studied Reiki Master program with her.

This is the best certification as far as I researched and again I trust Morrin and Mark to offer the best trainings." Maggie Moor, 37, 2008.


'I liked the class! I hope people take this class and get some key that opens their life." Sayaka Okada, 19, Japan, 2008.


"The course met my expectations by all criteria and more! I learned much more than just hypnosis." Slava Grinman, 2008.


"Morrin and Mark! Thanks for the wonderful 8 days! Not just of great hypnosis training but of memorable transformation, encouragement, impressive insight, and laughs! You both brought fantastic energy in the training room, as well as inspiring outlook on life. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise with much patience and support." Ryan Nichols, Canada, 2008.


" The course exceeded my expectations.

I thought it would be more cut and dry and less interactive and hands on, that  it actually was. I was very pleased with the way it was organized and felt that Morrin was extremely knowledgeable, has passion for her work and teaching and open to doing what was best for the student. she was also very helpful in focusing on the "business" aspect and how to proceed in those areas.

I loved the class.

I am happy to have taken this course with you and look forward to continuing to come to practice groups and do more work together.

Thanks for everything!"   Donna Much, 2007




I was your student 4 years ago. The magician. Thank you
Christos Sfikouris, Cyprus


Skylr Master Hypnotist NJ School Showman


"The course went beyond my expectations. Morrin brought the workshop to a really high level and brought us along with her. She was enjoyable to listen to and is a great teacher. This workshop helped me realize how hypnosis could be used on a daily basis to help me achieve my goals and become more proactive in living my life. " Helen Grysman, 2007.


"This is a very valuable and thorough program. We were given a solid foundation to build upon, and I look forward to assimilating all that was covered in class. Much was covered and in a relaxed and well-paced manner. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!" Angela Jordan, Entrepreneur, 28.

"This course not only taught me about hypnosis, it taught me how to improve my life. I will use what I learned for the rest of my life. I learned so much here; this was a life changing experience." "It answered every question about hypnosis that I had." Shiba Pilai, 2007.

"Real world examples and discussing how to implement techniques with an actual client was most relevant to me. Also, I did not expect to be hypnotized so much during the learning process, and was surprised at how valuable necessary this was. The course definitely exceeded my expectations! .... I think experiencing hypnosis first-hand was both the most educational and motivating part of the course..."  Rachel Phillips. 38.

"The program exceeded my expectations because rather than just learning treatment methods We dealt with various techniques of actually assessing and addressing the clients’ specific issues. I truly enjoyed this experience. More than a course, this is a life altering process. In learning the techniques of hypnosis one is able to truly evaluate ones’ own issues and address them from a healers’ perspective. Thus, the benefits of this course is the ability to guide clients through the healing process once having experienced it under the guidance of a true professional." Yelena M, 23,California.

"I recently completed my Certification training in Hypnosis at the New York Awareness Center  with Morrin Bass.  For me, this was a life changing experience.  She is a wonderful instructor and makes learning the principles and practices of hypnosis easily understandable.  She is a gifted teacher, guide, and coach who makes sure you clearly understand a topic before going on to the next.  I know that because of her instruction my own practice will grow into the kind of business that will be self sustaining and last for the rest of my life.  I am grateful to her and I look forward to a continuing professional relationship with her. I do recommend Morrin Bass, and the New York Awareness Center whole heartedly and without reservation, to anyone who is interested in learning Hypnotism or any of the other courses of study offered in New York Awareness Center with Morrin Bass."  Roch D. Preite CH, www.PendulumHypnosis.com, Long Island, NY

P.S. Comment by Morrin Bass One month after his graduation, Mr. Preite was able to pay the rent of his office with the money he earned through his part-time hypnosis work with his new clients. Roch works full time in another industry and sees his hypnotherapy clients in the evenings and on weekends, hoping to move one the filed of hypnosis full time next year . 2006 Update - Mr. Preite is currently going for his Board Certification and is a prominent hypnotist in his area, earning the living through hypnosis work with his clients.


You were so wonderful to us, students, and a great teacher, now I am on my way with a new career! Not only this,  but I feel much better, much more centered, focused and determined, it is all hypnosis works! I am very grateful that you unveiled an exciting new life for me.

All My Love,

Alexa O."

After 1 month from his graduation Martin R. LCSW, writes:


..I am doing fine, continuing with hypnosis; learning and working out the business end.  I have been seeing a couple of regular
clients...have private clients, I have seen results with the clients I work with there.  I'm planning a group session there as well.  I may have 1 or 2 next month as one of my colleagues has some people in mind that would like to try hypnosis. ......thanks again for everything.  You were great with us and I enjoyed the training.  I really found something I love to do. "

"I have been using your CDs and I still find your voice angelical. Such sweetness!" Diana, 34.

"Dear Morrin,

 I would like to thank you very much for everything your training did for me.  And especially for that Hypnotherapy Certification Training Course. It was the most wonderful four weeks in my life that gave me a new life. It is a great pleasure talking to you and learning from you, because of your nice personality and extensive deep knowledge of the subject. I think that you are the most wonderful person I ever met.

Also I want to thank you for your noble mission - for that light that you give to people, for the generosity of your soul and wisdom of your mind.  I am happy that there is a place like Awareness Center in New York, where I can always come and receive help that I need. And I would like to recommend Awareness Center and its beautiful owner – Morrin Bass to all people who want to improve their life and become happy.

 With all my respect, love and gratitude,

 Kristina N.

 PS. Anyone who needs a recommendation for this class at New Awareness Center can call Kristina Nal at: 718 813 0597 or write at: nalbandyants@yahoo.com" Kristina.

"The course didn't just teach me hypnosis but also gave me quite a few insights about life and myself.  This was just the right time for me to discover what I have discovered.  You are a very good teacher.  I'm looking forward to putting to use what I've learned. " Oleg Geller, 24

"Wonderful, great class, enormous learning curve, wealth of information, yet caring attitude personal attention to each student. Thanks a lot for the great experience." K. B. Hypnotherapy student.

"Dear Morrin,

You courses are so productive and structured, I and all people in class could feel the heart you put into the work with your students, and it definitely makes a difference between you with your school of Natural Healing and other schools, even in the same town. After this course I want to take all of your classes, anything that you teach. I want to learn from you and to become as successful as you are!" Joe, 25.

"The more I am here the more I am motivated to learn more. What a great experience, thanks a million for the class, for the knowledge and for the excitement of hypnosis." Mary J. R. Hypnotherapy student.

"Well-delivered, structured information, I made the right choice to have come to YOU." Irena K., Hypnotherapy student.

Fellow Hypnotists:

"Thank you Morrin:

You are a true leader!"

Wendy Kerr
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified, Complementary Medical Hypnotism

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