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Morrin Bass, professional LBL Life Between Lives facilitator trained by Michael Newton, Ph.D. of TNI, the Newton Institute, Ms. Bass is NGH Board Certified Hypnotist, NGH Certified Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher

Here is my story to you...


Floating into the Light and arriving HOME, into the light, I felt the distinct divine presence, as if my guide was there. I wanted to stop there and experience it a bit longer. I wanted to take this feeling of love back to my Earth life with me. 


Such unconditional Love I never had in my earthly life, this was the first.  It made me feel at home, at peace.


As I experienced this Love, all of a sudden, I realized that my Earthy life is ONLY A MISSION, a temporary task.


And even more importantly, it made me realize that I was the one who chose my own mission, this task on Earth that I now have to fulfill.


When I found out my mission from my Counsel, I felt that I am just a little speck of dust. I was thrilled, and scared at the same time.  It seemed such a huge task that I thought they made a mistake. I certainly could not have been chosen for this task with enormous responsibility. I cried and begged to take it back and EXCHANGE it for me! Take it back and give me another, size smaller, like you would exchange clothes at the GAP, I did not want my mission.


To my surprise my loving Counsel immediately responded by…. lifting the mission OFF.


I felt as if I was floating in a vacuum suspended in a divine Light of fully unconditional LOVE.




Tears steamed down my cheeks but I could not feel the tears. I just knew that this sensation I feel when I cry. In fact, I could not feel anything at all except this unconditional LOVE and the lightness and weightlessness of the Light around me.  


I finally felt in all fullness how much  I am loved by the Universe.


And in the same instant I felt that I cannot come back to Earth without a mission. WITHOUT A MISSION. I don't know how I knew that, but I knew that much, without a mission one does not have any purpose on Earth. We come here to fulfill our tasks, sometimes more difficult than others, but we ALL HAVE TO HAVE ONE. I felt this as this knowledge was flowing into me telepathically.


So after a moment of hesitation, I humbly asked for my mission to be returned to me.


What do you think happened next?


I felt as if a truck-heavy load was dumped onto me, and my body immediately felt so heavy, earthly heavy, pressed into the seat, and, you know what?


The fact was that I felt so happy to get my mission back, heavy or not, it was mine!


And that it seems lovely and precious to me now and not scary at all....


Here I am telling you about this experience and my eyes are tearing with memory of this amazing experience. All I want to deliver to you is that you can have this experience at any time with a purpose of personal self-quest regarding your own life mission.


What can be more important than knowing your mission?


Now, when I opened my eyes the first word I said was "Wow!"


And for a while it was the only word I could utter.


Allow yourself to experience your Life Between Lives. Of course it will be different from mine. But so you will know.


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