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Mother-Baby Connection

What I would do differently this time?


When my baby was born and was layed onto my belly, the warm body and new life, I had this thought:

"I DON'T KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!" I was terrified....

This time what I would do differently is I would spend more time bonding with my baby, talking with her and just contemplating her coming. It is so important." Ella, 38


"When I did Mother-Baby, everything came into place for me, all my fears were gone, I suddenly felt a really strong sensation that I CAN DO ANYTHING." Maria, 39

Joy by Kate Humphrey

Deep within my dark blue ocean

you drift

anchored only by this frail blue coil

pulsing with my lifeblood

binding us closer than any chain

prisoners to each other

fettered as close as moon and tides


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Empowering Baby Spirit


Do you wonder

why your baby chose you? Why did you choose him/her? What is the Essence of This soul? Is he/she an old soul? what is your baby's mission here? What is your connection to your baby? Why is each pregnancy unique?


Imagine that you could send thoughts, words and images - communicate clearly with your baby-

What would you like to communicate to your baby?

what do you want your baby to know right now?

What would you like to ask?

Would you like to envision how your baby's birth is intended to happen?

Learn from your baby's higher spiritual energy having your higher purpose in view.........

Experience the birth of your baby in your mind and create the future memory of this birth...........



"I released some long standing fears about birthing and just really enjoyed my session with you. :))" Amy, 35 weeks, Mother-Baby Connection

"This is so helpful to create the future memory of birth, the way i want it." Lisa, 39 weeks.

" I learned what held me back in the past, and I learned how to be a creator of my baby's birth." J., 26 weeks

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Morrin, this was wonderful! I am so fearless now." Diane, 13 weeks.

"This clears my understanding why my baby needs more time to come to me." Looking to get pregnant, Sue, 29.


How to communicate all the LOVE for your baby?

You have the opportunity now.

We teach you how to bond with your baby and how to become aware of the signals and signs of baby's communications with you.


Empower your baby with your love, let your baby know about your love and desire to assist his/her better fulfilling their goal in this life


Your Soul is eternal, so is your baby's... Now you can meet in the light...

Morrin's Approach

Morrin Bass, NGH Board Certified Instructor (read more about Morrin Bass)

Your LBL Certified Instructor in New York City click here to go to Instructor page:

Morrin Bass, Ph.D


Morrin Bass has been trained with Michael Newton, Ph.D. author and psychologist. Studying with Dr. Newton after reading his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls had changed Morrin's life. As a professional Hypnotist, and professional certifying instructor of hypnotism, Morrin Bass has developed a system that mirrors some of the proven established ways of reaching beyond mind-body technology, into the realm of spirituality and power, innovating this field with research into the mind of a pregnant mother to facilitate the mother-baby EMPOWERING connection. You can learn now, before your baby is born, what you can do to empower yourself and your baby for the lifetime of success. We have reached a point where human connection must be consciously engaged, or be pushed out by external distraction.  Learn to "listen" to your body, to your baby, use your mother/baby connection.


It makes a difference in your pregnancy, your baby's delivery, and your baby's future ability to feel complete and connected as he/she grows and develops.  It's truly inspiring and unforgettable!


Do this.  Do it for yourself, do it for your baby. 


What to do next:

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Passion, Spirit, Power


Imagine you can know what went on in your mother's womb and have the experience of resolving the issues of your past, what you might learn about yourself and your mother and your father at that point, before you were born. How do those experiences influenced your birth, how did they shape your life?


Imagine you can go forward to experience your baby birth before it happens. How do you shape your life?


How can you empower yourself with this knowledge?


In the following 2-min. video clip Morrin Bass is demonstrating hypnotic Higher consciousness work with a volunteer at a conference of National Guild of Hypnotists, with a response from the volunteer, to show you how quickly and easily profound work results can be achieved. You can be that person benefiting from this work.


What can be more important than loving connection with your baby?


There are so many ways to consider your pregnancy, and the life that grows so close to you.  Every tradition contains beautiful mythology about where the baby comes from, and how each new being is a sacred light who comes into existence for a divine purpose.  To some cultures the baby represents a resource of replenishment, to others a resource of knowledge.  In all cultures there is a sense of welcoming, a natural opening of the family unit to embrace a new member of the family, and community.  But what of the most important relationship of all; the mother/baby relationship.  From the moment of conception, through birth, mother and baby are joined together by a sacred bond of shared experience unlike anything else of which a human being is capable .


How deep is the shared experience? When you dream, does your baby share those dreams? When you feel passion, and intense love for your baby, does he/she experience the same depth of emotion?

From the first moment of conception you can reach into the experience and let your body inform you about the essence of the being developing within you. Beyond this, when we tap into women's ways of knowing, we open channels of communication with our babies, enhancing the psychic powers of communication that nature intends for mothers of all species. Mothering can become a meditation, a deep mindfulness that is satisfying spiritually as well as physically and emotionally:. Is nature's intent, and a possibility for all of us.


When would you like the relationship between you and your baby to begin?


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benefits of Connect with You Baby  session for you





  • your Higher Purpose

  • WHO you really are


  • Why you are here on Earth now

       you learn HOW TO




  • become sure and confident of yourself

  • feel FULFILLED




        SO YOU CAN HAVE:

  • a happy life

  • Great relationship

  • life fulfilling work

  • love OF LIFE

  • JOY in your life

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Learn from your Baby's Higher spiritual energy......


"Morrin, I cannot tell you how important your work is! OMG, I saw my baby! Just know that you have helped one more person to completely eliminate fear of birth. Thank you." Theresa, 29



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Literature and Resources:

Michael Newton, PH.D. Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

Ian Stevenson 20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation

Brian Weiss. Many Lives, Many Masters

Andy Tomlinson Healing Your Eternal Soul



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Mailing Address:

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PO Box 230788 Ansonia Station
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