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Integrating Inner Wisdom of Your Soul through Life Between Lives process


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Do you often dream about how your life would have been if you knew the answers to your most fundamental questions?

Who Am I? Why Am I Here?


"It is incredible what we can do in Life Between Lives 3 hours that psychotherapy cannot do in 3-4 years" Dr. Michael Newton the author of Life Between Lives LBL process


What makes Morrin's regressions so successful is that in her work the starting point and underlying basis is your position of positive light biased state of higher consciousness, bringing answers from your guidance.

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Morrin's 20+ years of experience with transpersonal hypnosis and obvious talent help you create experiences worth writing home about. Don't be missing out on your enlightenment.


Here is my story ...

Floating into the Light and arriving HOME, into the light, I felt the distinct divine presence, as if my guide was there. Such unconditional Love I never had in my earthly life, this was the first.  It made me feel at home, at peace.


As I experienced this Love, all of a sudden, I realized that my Earthy life is ONLY A MISSION, a temporary task.

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My life has never been the same since my LBL Life Between Lives experience. That lbl therapist since retired and I had learned and became a professional in delivering amazing experiences to my clients for almost 5 years. "Wow!'" is the first word that comes out of client's mouth, every single time.


"WOW! I can't believe what I just saw! Well, loud and clear! I got it now, thank you." Sandra, 39.

"WOW! Mind blowing! Literally...."Matt, 38.

"WOW! I could not believe myself, I still cant believe that that was possible!" Raisa, 55.


STOP asking yourself:

What is your purpose? 

why are you here? Where is your soul mate? what career is best for you?

Receive answers worth knowing.

Tomorrow you could be at peace knowing the answers.

Tomorrow you could already be doing something you've never even considered, and for the rest of your life...

finally find satisfaction you crave


"I was very skeptical coming to Life Between Lives discovery. I have never done any of this work before I met you, Morrin. I read about it, it seemed fantastical. You did amazing magic, and I got to know who I am. In this session of spiritual awareness hypnosis with you for the first time ever in my life I realized why I am here. It was an eye-opening experience. I felt myself channeling the wisdom, the universal truth, like I was a whole different person, it was - WOW! - an amazing feeling! I never felt like this before! Certainly, everyone should go through this process, it is a very enlightening and deeply satisfying experience. Thank you again." Sonia, 35.


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