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VOGEL Sacred Geometry Empowering Spiritual Crystal Jewelry

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Who was Marcel Vogel? How are Vogel crystals healing and manifesting?


Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) worked with IBM for 27 years doing research and development with liquid crystals. Marcel Vogel developed the magnetic coating for IBM’s disc drive, the first liquid crystal displays, or LCD, and researched the effect of crystals on the mind and emotions and on plants. He began to use raw quartz crystals cutting them in patterns. Vogel discovered that the crystal amplified thoughts and emotions, and appeared to heal ill qualities and dissolve negativity. Vogel noticed that wearing a cut crystal of a particular shape creates empowering qualities, amplifying creativity, love and abundance.


Marcel Vogel continued his research on the use of quartz crystals and their ability to heal people. He founded a group dedicated to intensive research into healing energies, especially those of various shapes of quartz crystals. He discovered that crystals, cut in the same spatial ratios and proportions of the secret geometrical patterns based on sacred geometry of mystery schools like Tree of Life and pyramids of Egypt, are able to transmit energy that can scientifically be measured.


Whenever light from the higher realms comes into a person’s body, the light gets refracted if the etheric body is not stable. This can cause illness of distabilize qualities bringing abundance. The Vogel cut crystal gives the user immediate access to the etheric body and stabilizes it, allowing light from the higher realms to enter. Also, a matrix or template of perfection already exists inside the etheric body, creating and amplifying abundance and peace.


When there was physical or emotional trauma, the matrix still exists and can be brought back to optimum conditions by the use of Vogel cut crystals. After extensive research, it was discovered that cutting quartz to these dimensions produced an instrument that had the same vibration as structured water.  This is highly significant in that human bodies are composed primarily of water.  This characteristic makes the Vogel Crystal a powerful and effective healing tool. After receiving the original vision it took Marcel about one year to complete the first set of healing wands. 

The number of facets of a wand is directly proportional to it's ability to cohere and amplify the carrier wave which provides the healing program Peace, Well-Being, and Love of the crystal. Love is a highly coherent field!


Vogel Crystals' Cuts - These are the only authentic cuts Vogel has created Trademarked names by Marcel Vogel



THE ASCENSION STAR™ Cut offer empowering and enlightening qualities:

When divine powers comes together from all four directions they form a cross-like crystalline structure. In sacred geometry this was called Ascension star. This exquisite power crystal cut shows beautiful 4-fold faceting which shines through the back of the crystal and appears in the front as a cross or what is called Christ Consciousness star. Elevating conscious awareness the energy program of this amazing power cut focuses on

  • elevating our conscious awareness in ascension process.

  • bringing in the energy of the Divine into your life

  • helps making connections with higher consciousness

  • helps making connections with messages from higher places

  • helps integration of subtle energies into our earthly experience.

  • helps move you into harmony and knowing

  • participate in "conscious evolution"  -- Celebrating Life!!

THE ASCENSION STAR™  only 1 PENDANT still available


picture true to scale

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Amethyst is one of the most demanded crystals, particularly DARK saturated color as in our sample.

Beautiful sparkling Ascension Start (tm):

  • Purifies personal energy and intentions.

  • Empowers energies of abundance.

  • Amplifies spiritual energies.

  • Balances emotions.

  • Strengthens circulatory and immune systems.

  • Transmutes blocked energies.

  • Helps protect from overindulgence.

  • Protects from harm from outside dark forces

  • Protects from thinking bad thoughts.

  • Empowers personal strengths.

Beautiful sparkling and deep crown chakra color crystal is empowered with the energy of Goddess Sekhmet, aiding with increased power of abundant energy for the direction, purpose and intention.

Cleansing and Programming Your Gem Stone Jewelry

Cleaning, Cleansing and Programming the Crystals before Wearing


NOW you bought your crystal...and it arrived in your hands in a beautiful wrapping...

It is time to


Cleanse and Program Your Crystal


STEP I. Cleansing

Because Vogel used scientific instruments to measure his results, he was able to develop an entire technology in the handling, clearing, and programming of crystals.

Many texts say that you should use salt, or salt water to cleanse most crystals. However, dry salt can scratch the surface, or finish, where some of the programming is stored. And salt water leaves a film. Marcel also tested other forms of clearing, such as smudging with sage or cedar. These things did not work. Here's how to clear a crystal:

  • Take a slow, deep breath as you focus on the crystal with the intent to clear it.

  • Then, pulse out your breath, in a burst through the nostrils.

You can do this from anywhere. In workshops, people learn to clear their crystals first while holding them, then at a distance, and then from the next room. This way, they learn through experience that the distance doesn't matter.


STEP II. Charging

You are putting Love and well-being into your crystal. It helps to recall a real, physical experience of love. The technique is pretty much the same as for clearing:

  • Breathe in the Love and well-being.

  • Hold your breath and focus and concentrate this feeling.

  • Pulse your breath out, this time mentally directing the Love and well-being into the crystal.

STEP III.  Programming

If you have done this with loving intent, you can hold your breath and you will feel your body resonate with the crystal, and it will vibrate in your hand.
For some people it takes practice to feel this and others feel it right away. You may feel a reality shift.
Once it has been cleansed and charged, you mentally put into the crystal whatever else it is you want to work with.
The crystal amplifies and coheres whatever you put into it. So wherever you are, the crystal is going to amplify and cohere that.



Because the crystal holds whatever pattern you put into it, and then broadcasts that pattern wherever you want it to go, as long as what you are doing is lawful you can change the functioning of glands and organs in the body.



You can put as many thoughts, affirmations, symbols, or wishes into your crystal. So the crystal serves positive energies, use you positive Intent to create only positive energies around you and do not work with the crystal when you are upset or angry.

Wear your crystal in good health and in peace, love and prosperity.

With Divine Love and Light,

Morrin Bass




Metaphysical Properties of Some Crystals

Purple Stones - Crown chakra – Highest Vibration

Blue Stones – Third Eye – Helps Clarvoyance

Green Stones -Communication Chakra - Abundance, Money

Pink Stones – Heart Chakra – Love, Compassion

Yellow Stones – Solar Plexus Chakra – Assists Self-Esteem, Resolves Anger

Orange Stones – Naval Chakra, - Creativity, personal power, Male/Female issues,

Red Stones – Root Chakra,  - Personal Security, Safety, Basic Survival


Purifies and amplifies the healing and spiritual energies.  Balances emotional highs and lows.  Strengthens the blood, circulatory and immune systems.  Transforms blocked energies.  Helps protect from overindulgence.


The marriage stone, the natural occurrence of amethyst and citrine.  Blending earthly and spiritual energies.  Activates creativity, intuition and clarity.  Assists in attracting the riches of earth.   Energizing like the sun, warming, comforting and life giving.

Aqua Aura

Good for relaxing stress, increases ability to communicate.  Joins love with wisdom to create compassion.  Aids in getting rid of headaches and calming fever.


The stone of courage, encourages the innate ability to always be prepared and to curb fears.  Sharpens intuition.   Emits compassionate energy and provides emotional stability.  Aids in verbal expression.  Excellent for meditation and connecting with nature.  Helps with eyes, teeth and bones.


Assists in acquiring and maintaining prosperity.  Delivers both comfort and optimism.  It does not hold negative energy, but dissipates it.  Smoothes family and business relationships.  Aids digestion and to activate the thymus.

Clear Quartz

Helps to heal the mental, physical and spiritual ailments.  Contains all colors to help balance, energize and expand all elements to make us whole and fulfilled.  Helps each of us to find our own inner light.


Very clear sparkling with many colors, close to quartz and looks like diamond. Powerful intellectual activator. Aids with communication and relationships with others. Helps remove toxins from the body. Promotes angelic messages and creates powerful connection with Universe.  Pink Danburite activates the heart chakra. Clear Danburite activates the crown chakra.

Golden Beryl

Opens the crown and solar plexus chakras, helps to balance the intellect with spirituality.  Assists on to have the confidence and conviction to solve any problem.  Represents purity in all aspects of being.


Subtle, iridescent, clear watery yellow. Brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world. Originality. Easier, more restful sleep. Helps us relate to others. Powerful Manifestation stone. Opens energy flow to solar plexus and brow and whatever other centers are most in need. Still evolving along with us. Fragile, avoid salt cleansing.

Sometimes dull outside, deep clear green inside. Powerfully expands psychic abilities, channeling. Manifestation to ascension stone. Promotes access to spiritual laws, info from higher frequencies to help us and Earth to be healthy and more spiritual. An intense meteorite helping people incarnate and be more comfortable here on earth (reducing asthma, toxin sensitivity, emotional intensity, epilepsy...) Fragile - Don't salt cleanse! More rare, expensive and powerful than a plain "tektite"(fallen on earth meteorite).

Morganite/Pink Beryl: Related to Emerald and Aquamarine.

Clear/soft pink to violet, translucent to clear. Inspires spiritual lovingness, compassion, equality, empathy, patience. Spiritual-Heart. Also healing heart, lungs, breathing, throat, promotes oxygenation. One of the highest frequency stones available.

Rose Quartz

Gently energizes and creates warmth.   Helps to discover love in ourselves and others.  Lifts depression, creates confidence and peace.  Helps the heart and circulatory system.  Heightens personal expression. Works with Love enhancing energies. Attracts love energies.

Rutilated Quartz

Clear Quartz with metallic, dark or golden rutile, copper, or blue/gray titanium fibers that powerfully electrically conduct and amplify energy/thoughts/programming for healing. Intensifies/deepens altered states. Opens Crown/Brown centers for meditation, clairvoyance, telepathy, insight. Induces Alpha state. Stimulates immunity, strength, imagery, dreams. Golden fibers may increase radiation protection and health rejuvenation. Each stone's energy/qualities are unique. Androgynous.

Topaz :

Golden Topaz

Golden: The most powerful, electromagnetic of yellow/ solar plexus gems. A strong, steady, high level gem for mental clarity, focus, perceptivity, high level concepts, confidence, personal power, stamina. Helps mood swings, insomnia, worries, fears, depression, exhaustion, nervous system stress, stomach anxiety. Also works somewhat with the crown center. Liver/pancreas detoxification, blood sugar balance, tissue and backbone strengthener (physically and emotionally). Radiates warmth, sun/light energy, protection. Excellent for water signs, teachers, excess work stress, manifesting, higher-self connection. Brings emotions and thinking into balance.

Pink and Champagne Topaz

Works also especially with the heart energies for love, spiritual compassion.

Blue Topaz

Alignment with our higher self, money, creative expression, writing, focus on your path. Manifestation stone. Available in ring.


Connects the third eye and heart.   Teaches "seeing with the heart".  Has a masculine energy with compassion, transforms negative energy to positive.  Gives us a connection to the plant kingdom.  Inspires creativity, attracts success, prosperity and abundance.   Good for weight loss. Stimulates the subtle energy field.  Balances and soothes the emotions.  Assists in developing mental clarity.  Aids in cultivating an awareness of the subtle energy of others.   Restores our ability to receive what is healthful.  Helps to raise our vibration.



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