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Mark Schwimmer


  • MythoSelf™ Associate Facilitator

  • NGH Certified Hypnotist

  • NGH Certified Instructor

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • Personal Development Life Coach Mentor

  • Corporate Trainer

"This isn't what I expected but it's exactly the experience I needed." Stephanie, 25, Anxiety client.


"I've tried everything and this is the only thing that worked to alleviate my debilitating allergies." Jim, 45, hypnosis for allergies client.

"I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me." Shirley, 56, Smoking Cessation client.

"This isn't what I expected but it's exactly the experience I needed." Stephanie, 25, Anxiety client.

"I really feel the buzz, it is very energizing." Gina, 39, Myhtogenic Self client.


Licensed Associate Facilitator Mythogenic Self tm Model

National Guild of Hypnotists



NGH Certified Hypnotist

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, Society of NLP

International Coaching Federation

Empire State University Teaching Faculty

Integrative Medicine Symposium 

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Mark's Bio:


Mark Schwimmer could be found comfortably reading from some of his favorite philosophers, scientists, or practicing colleagues, or just as easily be building rapport with clients who have come to begin the journey to create the life they want to be living. Insatiably curious since birth, Mark focused much of his attention on understanding the mystery of the human condition.  Two avenues of experience shaped him over the years; meditation, religion, and science being the sources of information available to him, he read voraciously, absorbing as much as possible, and diligent observance of the world unfolding.

In the early 1980’s an opportunity came available for Mark to study hypnosis with Virgil Hayes, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Hayes was one of the first to be trained by the hypnosis powerhouse Gil Boyne.  Mark achieved an Advanced Certification, and added it to his repertoire.

Involved in management, and in later years, high end luxury sales, Mark noticed a pattern among executives, managers, and salespeople.  “I experienced immense frustration in the business world,” he said, “people are buffeted relentlessly by cycles, and pressures within the system, and have no buoy to swim to, when things get tough.  These people would cling to behaviors that didn’t work anymore, and lose the sense of who they are in the process.  They struggled to support a lifestyle, instead of asking some very fundamental questions. What do I want, and what has to be true for me to get there?”  “It wasn’t their fault.  The system does not provide for that, it actually requires being taught how to organize oneself so that one can be present, and decide what is really going on. Then, to implement the behaviors that produce the desired outcomes.”

It was Mark’s encounter with Dr. Joseph Riggio, the Designer of the Mythoself™ Model, a system that stands on the shoulders of NLP, and the Generative Imprint Model perfected by the late Roye Fraser, that set things in motion. “It became clear to me that this powerful model was the unifying piece for me.  I now knew I could assist individuals, and groups to redefine, and achieve outcomes, effectively, and with total integrity.”

MARK SCHWIMMER is now practicing his work in association with the New York Awareness Center, founded by Ms. Morrin Bass on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  He uses techniques of hypnosis, NLP, and The Mythoself™ Model, and a coaching model called Exquisite Performance™ Coaching (also designed by Dr. Joseph Riggio).  His clientele includes business executives, entrepreneurs, individuals, and groups.

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