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 Morrin's Bio 


   Who Is Dr. Morrin Bass?


Doctor Morrin's motto is Graceful Awareness.

Morrin is a lovely and intelligent teacher.


In the recent 10 years, Morrin is a premier expert on private mentoring process to those successful women, who want more success in other areas of their lives.


Morrin's clients mostly executive women around mid-late 30s to early 50s, who at this moment feel particularly stuck in some areas in their life. Morrin's clients actively participate in steps toward their future, and through her guidance become able to create the life that they really want in a defined period of time.


Morrin's wealth of knowledge and experience is unimaginable to most people who meet her for the first time. Her gentle approach evokes most amazing results.


Morrin's Bio

I havean unusual background.


I holds a Ph.D. in modern architecture, from the Moscow University with an exchange program in Columbia University, and a Masters of Business Administration  in finance, from the Kennedy Western University. I had studied structural economics of European emerging markets through equity trading and project finance. Her extensive travel during the time of this work facilitated easy connections with people of various backgrounds.


Born in Moscow, since childhood my father imprinted on me a belief in solid education. He said "In order to get someplace, you have to work very hard." I am used to working hard for years of going to school.


Armed with this concept I came to the US and while teaching design as part of my PhD program at Columbia University and further MBA program at Kennedy, I realized that work is not everything.



At the age of 32, I was already a successful executive in an international bank with their IPO division. Once I was sitting at my daily morning  meeting and was asked a question when I realized that I had completely spaced out. My body was overworked, my mind was overtired. At that time I was putting in about 14-17 hours a day to get the project out the door.


I sat there thinking that I should do something, maybe get a cup of coffee, but could not move. I was so tired.


And I  liked to go rollerblading on weekends, when I did not have to go to work. That Sunday, and it was 15 years ago, I decided to take one of those sunny roller-blading walks in the park, which I was getting so good at over the summer. I lived close to Central Park and this time I decided to roller blade through traffic 3 blocks to the entrance at 72nd Street. Suddenly I stumbled upon a gap in the road in the intersection in time for a taxi to turn the corner and roll over my blade. The heavy plastic boot saved my foot from being completely crushed; it turned out to be just fractured in a few places.


The first thought I had when it happened was: "How am I going to get to work?"

This is where my  life started to take a turn.


And the turn completed at the tragedy of 9-11, when I was on vacation in Ireland. After kissing the Blarney Stone, pleased with receiving the supposed magical "gift of gab", I was sitting in a pub, day-dreaming about how I could use it, when on TV I saw the Twin Towers collapsing and with them, my idea of a life change came to clarity.


When I came back to New York, ten days later, I gave my letter of resignation to my employer and went off to search what to do next.

I did not know what to do, but I knew it was not going to be a financial executive position.


I began to put my attention to the amazing functioning of the brain and the mental abilities of a human.

In 2001 I founded the New York Awareness Center, assisting people in finding their life satisfaction. 

This is where I have been putting my attention in the last decade.

I have changed my life, and by perspective I know now about balance.

This is what makes my life so unique, and my work so incredibly interesting to me.



"You are an amazing teacher Morrin.  You are so full of patience and you are on your path to help people be happier, more centered, peaceful, and loving themselves and each other.  I admire you so much. Love, Maria"


When she moved to New York, Morrin had to "start over" in her learning, making new friends, finding her path, trying to fit in. Despite having a strong business and research background with a Ph.D., and later, an M.B.A. , her work in the world on Wall Street was not fulfilling until she finally started working with the cutting edge technologies in self-awareness and personal discovery. Since then she found her satisfaction in helping others through teaching relaxation, breathing, stress management, and helping people through finding solutions in establishing authentic relationships, career satisfaction, and fitness.  The work allowed Morrin become very familiar with the kind of professional stress, and consequent emotional and physical issues. In 2000 Morrin left Wall Street and  founded the New York Awareness Center.


How Morrin Uniquely Works with Private and Professional Clients?


Morrin is at her best when she works with people helping them in their personal discovery, self  awareness and  find their own  fulfillment on their life path. A mentor, she gently holds the space for each individual until they are able to sustain their own success in the area they need it most and were not able to create on their own before. Perhaps they are looking to find a new relationship, or to move forward in their work, practice, career, most work starts with the end a pattern of failure and creating the pattern of s. Finding a life purpose, satisfaction in life, and of course the ability to sustain this satisfaction further, to uncover more of the life's surprises, are just some benefits of this work.


Although those methodologies involve powerful hypnotic cutting edge techniques, they are not deemed as mere solutions to remedy a vast array of human concerns and conditions.


Morrin's internationally known unique approach to her work with clients is from the excitatory positive bias. From a position of a positive outcome Morrin begins to creatively develop a way  to sustain the position of positive approach throughout their personal journey, teaching them necessary skills.


Through this work Morrin achieves quicker and permanent  results with clients no matter what their goal. Their achievements begin to show in changing behaviors from bad habits to  image improvement, acquiring personal behavioral skills, developing awareness in personal and professional relationships, job situations and life situations with most female issues, fertility and comfort at baby birth.


Morrin's massive spiritual studies became a basis of her research and writings on Spiritual Awareness and life  purpose.


Morrin teaches NGH professional certification class for National Guild of Hypnotists as one of the most recognized teachers in the Tri-State area professional Hypnotists and spiritual hypnotic techniques for graduates. Her individual approach to each student creates her trademark Confidence Check and shows in her teaching responsibility and accountability of each student.



Morrin is  passionate about teaching women to create a safe space for themselves to use hypnosis for conceiving a baby and safe and comfortable birthing through HYPNO-BIRTHING. Morrin is affiliated  with the HypnoBirthing Institute and began integrating the Childbirth education for holistic birth into her work. She works with mothers-to-be on their spiritual integration and preparation for childbirth.

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The unique combination of holistic training and creativity and business training allows Ms. Morrin Bass to offer a multi-modal approach incorporating the distinct benefits of Hypnosis, spiritual coaching and Reiki into her practice, based on her knowledge of business and underlying compassion. Her clients enjoy wonderful experiences of healing, while gaining awareness and peace.



How else does Morrin work with her clients?


Morrin began to utilize her experience in Hypnotism and training students and followers and the theories of Mytho-Self described by Dr. Joseph Riggio. Morrin began to unfold the evolving theory of spiritual excitatory states that allow to uncover unique information from higher consciousness states and work with this information in the every day reality, creating the life of exquisite performance and authenticity, filled with purpose, love and fulfillment.


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Morrin Bass' Character:

Morrin Bass is a gifted natural healer, spiritual teacher with a charming and gentle personality. She quickly establishes rapport with her clients, students and audience, largely due to her uplifted spirit and light and positive energy, and of course because of her knowledge and experience in the filed of hypnotism.  Ms. Bass is a motivating educator, and talented spiritual being driven by her natural talent and the energy of her light. (Please read Testimonials from students and clients).



What's New York Awareness Center and why this is important?


Since 2000 the New York Awareness Center was designed to be a center for awareness around the human way of being, offering Hypnosis Programs and AWARENESS TRAININGS and where individual sessions and classes are held. We specialize in delivering experiences that bring awareness and transformational change through effective language, communication and empowering techniques through hypnotic and energy techniques.


New York Awareness Center is the school for certification class to become a professional Hypnotist, which Morrin teaches with her partner Mark Schwimmer..


Morrin's practice with client is located on the Upper West side in Manhattan. with over 50  years of joined experience working with human mind and spiritual  energy.


Since 2005, when Morrin met Dr. Michael Newton, author of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy theory and began her passionate work as a spiritual hypnotherapist. Morrin since had developed a unique approach to spiritual regression and integration of this process and wrote on new ways to bring spiritual enlightening experiences for healing. Hundreds of clients all over the world enjoyed her amazing experiences of Life Between Lives with the learning integration.


In 2008 Morrin traveled to Taiwan and in 2009 to Israel to deliver spiritual regressions and spiritual classes to groups of  participants. Morrin delivers classes over Skype to remote locations, like Hawaii, 2009.





MORRIN BASS National Guild of Hypnotists

  • NGH Board Certified Hypnotist in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • NGH Certified Instructor training professionals for the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Certified Instructor of Professional Certification Program for Self-Hypnosis Techniques

  • Certified Life Between Lives LBL Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapist certified by The Michael Newton Institute of Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, Michael Newton, author/designer of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

  • Designer and Certified Instructor of Advanced Spiritual Techniques Hypnosis Training Programs at New York Awareness Center

  • Faculty at Adult Continuous Education at the Empire State College

  • Reiki Master Teacher Member of International Association of Reiki Practitioners, Member of Reiki Guild of New York

  • HypnoBirthing Institute Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, associated with the HypnoBirthing Institute founded by Marie Mongan

  • DONA Trained Doula, Educator, Designer of Approved Continuing Education Classes for Doulas

  • Certified Corporate Consultant with the Harte SystemTM for better success, happiness and goals achievement.

  • MythoSelf(tm) Assistant Associate Facilitator

  • Certified  NLP Practitioner

  • Advanced Age Regression and Past Life Regression Hypnosis Therapy Techniques

  • Registered Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, International Association of REIKI Professionals IARP

  • Karuna Reiki (TM) Master from International Association of Reiki Masters (William Rand)

  • Seichim SSR Sekhem Reiki 7 Master

  • Certified Lightarian Reiki Master and Teacher

  • Certified Angel Weaving Techniques Practitioner

  • Certified Teacher of  22-36-Strain DNA Activation program

  • Certified Polarity Practitioner (APP)

  • Certificated Aromatherapy Practitioner

  • Certified Reflexology Practitioner

  • Certified Life-Coach and Mentor

  • Ordaining Priestess Reverend of the Re-Unification Church of World Light Fellowship, non-denominational faith, Minister and Counselor, Marriage Minister State of NY

Member of:


"You are not your mistakes, you are your possibilities." Oprah Winfrey


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