Mentoring with Morrin Bass

If you know success and want more success in some other areas in your life -

If you want the "spark" the "joy" the "magic" back in your otherwise fulfilled life -

If you want to quintuple your personal power of communication -

You are in the right place!

Premier mentor using a unique combination of methods of transpersonal awareness, provocative neuro-science, and personal strategizing,

Morrin Bass, PhD, MBA, a former Wall-Street executive, will take you to the

top of your life experience.


"Money is not the primary asset. Time is, and you don't have it." Gordon Gekko Money Never Sleeps


How to be in love.

How to make yourself understood.

How to have clarity.

How to make powerful decisions.

How to know to do the right thing.


How long can you wait until your life will start happening?


"Profound, personal and permanent transformation!"

"With her soft charm Morrin will get you going fast."

"She already knows all about you and she gets results that you always wanted!"

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When was the last time you looked in the mirror, and said to yourself,

"I am successful, established, even relatively happy? Why do I still long for something?"

Are you living your values?

Are you trying to find satisfaction?

Don't feel bad! It is not your fault!


I know I was just like you...

Frustrated and tired.

Feeling alone and misunderstood.

Trying and stalling.

 I will show you how quickly and amazingly simply you can get what you want and it will change your life FOREVER!

The only mentoring program in its value created by a FORMER WALL-STREETER!


"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging."
Joseph Campbell

Do you ever ask yourself


"Why do I feel frustrated and dissatisfied with my life?

"Why do I feel bored when I am with my friends/husband/you name it?

"Why do I feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied with my own body?

"How do I learn from the past mistakes?

"How can I have a deeper connection with people?"

"What's the meaning of my life?"


Do you ever consider your life to be any different that it is now?

How so? What do you want?

How are you when you have what you want?

When will you start living a satisfying experience?

How long are you willing to wait?


My work is supportive to you, entertaining, sometimes provocative and sometimes indirect, and I get results. Working with me you will begin to get the results that you want. But this work is not for everyone. In fact, some people don't choose to work with me. Not because of me, but because of themselves. You know you want something that you were not able to get on your own before. Not everyone wants more success in more areas in their life. But those who do enjoy the awesome discovery of their selves that they never knew existed. Now here is where it begins to be interesting.


Fill out the form and I will contact you for a private conversation. After we determine that you and I are a march to work on your outcome, and after we start working together privately and you will begin to feel the spark and magic in your life again, I might invite you for a group work with elite professionals like yourself.


A limited opportunity for members only - mentoring program for those who want fulfillment. Satisfaction. Joy. Magic. For those who are tired of being exhausted and living the blah existence. For those who want to know why they are here, how to fulfill their purpose, how to make it a great legacy, a sense of contribution.


The sages say, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

Are you ready to step into the adventure of your life now?



Now, raise your hand, fill out the form below, to let me know that you want more out of our life that you are currently getting, and that you are ready to start.

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I can only work with a few people at a time, for obvious reasons of scheduling and time, and for the best and effective results for you. The clock is not waiting, time is ticking away.....Fill the form above and let's get started...


"This was a learning experience. Some aspects of the spiritual journey are amazing and enlightening, others are interesting discoveries, yet others are more life homework. I got the most benefit from this work. Now I  live my life to the fullest, I met my love and I am happy with my decision to take this course with Morrin." Maria, 38, Entrepreneur.


"Morrin, It has been a rollercoaster ride, frustration and dissatisfaction all the way to my 44th year, before I met you. You calm and professional skill is a must for everyone who wants to live their life. ...Don't know where to begin to tell how amazing my life is now, when I enjoy my {fiance}, and the work that I love, risen high from the ashes, and it is only 5 months after you started working with me... " Paula, 44, Executive Director