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HypnoPolarity TM for Weight Loss.

By Morrin Bass, CH, CI, APP, Reiki Master



Judy came to us to as a last resort, which hypnotists often seem to be. Judy came to experience one of our weight loss hypnosis programs and asked if there is anything else that can make it even more successful.


Judy was very talkative, happy with her husband and three young children, the youngest one just five. But it became more and more obvious that her happiness was shaky. Judy was looking to lose excess weight and just wasn’t able to achieve her goal, especially since the youngest son was born. She tried various diets and exercise, but the routine house duties, and eventually the new account executive job busying her with frequent client lunches and dinners took over her wishful eating schedule. Then came the “obsession with sweets” as she called it.  One thing led to another, and here she was.


To expand and stimulate possible results we offered her a hypno-polarity program, integrating hypnosis and polarity therapy, and she open-mindedly accepted.


So, what is Polarity (click here to learn more about Polarity) and how can we integrate it with Hypnotherapy(click here to learn more about Hypnotherapy)?


Polarity Therapy was first described by a Swiss doctor, a successful chiropractor, Dr. Randolph Stone, who noticed certain parallels between their health and energy imbalances in a human body over the years of his work and research with patients. The various relations were later discovered between the elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) and the human energies in various parts of the body. The correlation between the psychological balance, proper nutrition, sensible exercise and a healthy body in Dr. Stone’s theory correspond with the known ancient principles of Mind, Body and Spirit being one and in balance with the universal spirit.  Polarity is a diverse energy based modality with an array of healing tools. At the base of the theory lies a principle that imbalances in the circulation and free flow of life energy lead to mental and emotional distress and physical illness. When our life energy is balanced the result is a healthy body and clarity in thought and emotion. Polarity practitioners work from the standpoint that healing comes from within. This is why integrating hypnotherapy and Polarity makes for a session with nearly miraculous results.


The process developed at the New York Awareness Center integrating Polarity Therapy and Hypnosis (called HypnoPolarity TM) working together in our Weight Loss Program has three basic successful features in our 3-step program – Awareness, Acknowledgement and Commitment. The practitioner and the client work together to allow the client's own inner healing response to emerge. Often, the client may spontaneously express emotions related to developing sensitivity and awareness of balancing energy within body and mind. This often happens when tense, compressed muscle tissues begin to relax, as a consequence of a general unwinding of the body and the mind in a hypnosis session. Sometimes the client may begin expressing emotions through talking or crying, and in the next segment the hypnosis session then moves naturally to silent polarity bodywork. Ericksonian tales are becoming effective even more while integrating hypnosis therapy through polarity therapy, as the energy healing naturally facilitates the process of emotional release. The process of forgiveness may still be necessary to further facilitate the release, in the end creating a deeper feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment in the session, simultaneously allowing the feelings of warmth and weightlessness, which are so relaxing.


HypnoPolarity has great success in some recent cases in our Weight Loss Program, as New York Awareness Center began to specialize in Weight Loss, emphasizing the therapeutic effects of Hypnosis integrated with Polarity Therapy.


I ask Judy to evaluate her own eating habits as part of the weight loss program, and it turns out that her main problem is not like many others – she does not snack at work, or eat late at night in bed while watching TV. She eats a lot, literally, a lot of food. Sitting in a comfortable recliner, she almost regretfully described how as part of her job she has to attend business lunches, socialize and go out with clients to dinners. She is successful with clients, but not with keeping track of her weight. Naturally a happy person, she is now very often upset looking at herself in a mirror, so she came to New York Awareness Center to seek help through HypnoPolarity.


As part of the verbal communication and nutrition and exercise discussion process in the first part of the session we asked her to take home a daily food log and begin regular exercise while reducing the amount of calorie intake by half, eating half-portions of her meals, compensating by eating slowly, and using her positive anchors, keeping the image of her new slim figure in the mind’s eye. As part of polarity integration with hypnosis I moved on to the light polarity touch bodywork incorporating a hypnotic script with beneficial suggestions recorded for her to take home as her reinforcement tape at the time of the bodywork. The session continued on a straight massage table, client fully clothed. Judy’s post-hypnotic suggestions included direct suggestions for weight loss and self-esteem enhancement, suggestions directed toward improved memory, concentration and focus in life, as well as suggestions for accepting her new slim and fit image. Further, specialized guided imagery accompanied working on the various points in her body emanating the release of the energy needed balancing.  


In polarity therapy it is certain points and parts in the body that release great amounts of energy, when touched in a certain way and others may block such release until touched in a different other special way, (usually from very light touch to a gentle shake with facilitators hands, not applying heavy pressure), while still others may facilitate the release of the emotional rejuvenation of those blocked ones right at the session if touched several times in various ways. With the help of specific imagery leading a descriptive tale to further facilitate the release of her excess weight, attaching to the colorful balloons some of her sweets cravings into the air, at which moment Judy began to cry. She wept audibly for a while, confused by such release and wiping her face with a Kleenex while the practitioner’s hand stayed with her, with the soothing wavy Sattvic (light touch) motions and soon her energy began to find the balance.


Three weeks later Judy came for a reinforcement session, and reported 8 pounds loss and a happy mood. She wanted to continue HypnoPolarity as she thought a great deal of positive thoughts about this method after her first visit with the New York Awareness Center.


This was the fastest weight loss known to me so far working with this program. But there were several others, which leads me to conclude that HypnoPolarity can become a successful way for finding balance between body, mind and emotion, finding energy balance in life. Hypno-Polarity appeared to have worked in other areas of concern as well. Alex, 24, came to stop smoking and successfully he did through hypno-polarity, he never even bothered with coming back to “use” his reinforcement session. He called two months later and said plainly: “I just wanted to tell you that your program works.”  Larissa, 16, stopped biting her lips. This annoying habit was with her since she was little, and she was never able to display her full pretty lips without bloody cracks all over them. Another client, Tanya, 39, was also able to conquer her obsession with food, developed after September 11, 2001, and reported lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks. Bill, 67, lost 26 pounds. He stayed with the hypno-polarity program for 8 weeks, as long as he could, he said. It became a pleasant routine for him to come to his sessions. He was friendly and took long walks with his wife in the nearby Central Park after each session, contemplating the awakening of his body and mind.


While creating your own feeling of being well and emotional stability, you could, perhaps, lose weight or find a solution to another pressing issue, like learn to handle your anger outbursts or anxiety attacks. We invite you to discover your own balance through browsing our web-pages for more information online at http://www.NewYorkAwareness.com.



This is an article published in The New York Times, Styles, Sunday, January 5, 2004 to let you know that

Self-Hypnosis helps in losing weight and successfully managing to keep it off.


Self-Hypnosis for a Svelter You


Published: January 4, 2004


If simply imagining myself thinner worked, I would already be a sylph. The plans I have made to lose 10 pounds this month, well, next month, to fit into that flirty little black and white skirt I bought for New Year's, to walk five miles a day or join a gym, have all come to naught. It is so easy to be made over on "Queer Eye" or "Trading Spaces." It is a lot harder to do it yourself.

Perhaps I was suffering from diet fatigue. I had been an Atkins success story. But eventually I just had to have a piece of bread, a slice of pizza, a muffin, and the weight came back. I lost some of it on the punishing Ornish no-fat diet, felt deprived the entire time and celebrated the end by roasting a duck and sharing it with friends.

I bought the prepared Metro Zonelike diet (three meals a day, two snacks, 40-30-30), and the weight started to come off. But who could stay with that regimen for long? Or afford it, at nearly $250 a week? I joined Weight Watchers with high hopes, and lost five pounds in the first few weeks, then stalled through the remaining two months of earnest lectures, weigh-ins and little instruction books. And then the group disbanded.

A new book, "Keep It Off: Use the Power of Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight Now," sanely sidesteps the specifics of high protein, grapefruit, Zone, South Beach or any other diet and goes straight to the mind-over-matter struggle of all weight loss plans. This book's trenchant promise is that any diet works, as long as you can stay on it. Hmm.

The book's author, Dr. Brian Alman, Ph.D., a psychologist who is a consultant to a weight loss program with the Kaiser Permanente health care organization, believes that weight loss can come with the right combination of self-induced trances and Stuart-Smalley-like positive affirmations.

So there I sat, Week 1, his book in one hand, a bacon sandwich in the other. The good news for me was that with this book, you don't start dieting immediately. In fact, you don't start dieting ever. You just have to brainwash yourself into eating right.

The bad news was that I was supposed to learn self-hypnosis. There is a chapter on "breathing and relaxation," answers to practical questions like "do I keep my eyes open or closed," instructions on how to get into a trance and, reassuringly, a chapter on how to come out of one. Then again, if my life were going to consist of telling myself, "I only eat foods that are good for me," over and over again, why would I ever want to come out of the trance?

Negative thinking! One of the first lessons in the book is to avoid being negative. " `I will not eat dessert,' is a negative statement that might easily be ignored by the unconscious mind," the book says. Hey, the conscious one, too. Put it positively, the book advises, as in, "As I eat less and less ice cream and candy, I feel heathier and more satisfied with myself." O. . . . K. More satisfied with myself, less satisfied with what I eat.

Clearly I need a dose of what Dr. Alman calls "building your motivation."

Here is what Dr. Alman promises from self-hypnosis: "control over fears, relief of stress, freedom from unwanted habits, resistance to disease and aging and increased performance at work and in sports." Oh, and you will lose weight, too, and be happier than you have ever been. It is just that you have to come up with the eating plan yourself.

I felt at sea trying to lose weight without a sure-fire formula to keep me on the cottage cheese and off the cheesecake. (And this was eggnog season, to boot.) And I found it harder and more time-consuming to tackle trances, self-hypnosis and counting to 100 and back again than it would be, say, to go out for a jog.

Not that I did that either.

Dr. Alman suggests getting into a trance state with the stairway method, the candle flame and by taking a lot of "deep, satisfying breaths." There are three clues, he says, that will tell me when I have reached a hypnotic state: rhythmical breathing; a sense of coolness or warmth, numbness or heaviness somewhere in my body; and experiencing time distortion. I call that a nap.

It is easy to laugh at suggestions to "hug your inner child," and it is true that some of the exercises seem downright demented, like writing an imaginary letter to a person you regret having had sex with. (Only one?) But there are also paragraphs that hit home, especially for someone who has always been heavy. Like the ones about hiding behind my weight or the need for love. Buried within the pablum ("It's time to learn to set yourself free. Like a bird let out of a cage. Fly!") there are hard truths.

Whereas most diet books reassure you that their way will make you lose weight, Dr. Alman's book delves into the pain that leads to overeating. He talks about how critical anyone overweight can be toward herself, the recurring disappointment in failed diets, the shame that makes life miserable and leads to more eating. Don't try to need love less, Dr. Alman counsels. Oh boy!

Self-acceptance is a huge part of his program, including an exercise of standing nude in front of a full-length mirror (and not reacting as Jack Nicholson did in seeing a middle-aged woman nude in "Something's Gotta Give"). Love yourself, he says. Let go, get rid of stress, and the weight will come off.

Under "building motivation," Dr. Alman lists reasons to lose weight, including "relieve emotional pain" and "fit into fashionable clothes." Well and good, but when I push my grocery cart through the supermarket or open a menu, I need some kind of rules, whether "40-30-30," "no carbs," "no fat" or "no cheesecake." Therefore, I am going back on the Atkins diet, but will try to deploy Dr. Alman and his motivations. On the top of my list I'm putting, "To dare to take off my clothes again in front of a fella, not that there is anyone standing in line."

And I'll try not to be negative about it.


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