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   "There is one meaning of life: the act of living itself."
Erich Fromm (German born American social Philosopher and Psychoanalyst, 1900-1980)

Be a hero in your own life story?


   Do you feel that

  •    You're never quite good enough

  •    You're not living up to your potential

  •    You're compromising your integrity to please others?

I've discovered something

Let me share a secret with you.

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Life DOESN'T  NEED TO  SEEM difficult, painful, filled with obstacles, and fear..


Imagine your on in a beautiful meadow on a warm and sunny day,

surrounded by your friends, tossing a Frisbee around.

When you and your friends are playing Frisbee, it isn't ever a casual event.

You all love running and jumping, challenging yourselves to run faster, jump higher,

and feel yourself in your body.

Balanced, and strong.

Suddenly, you find yourself running to catch a Frisbee

thrown just out of reach, maybe.

You run, and you think to yourself, I can make it, I can do it.

In an instant you are leaping.

Looking down, you are horizontal with the ground, your arms extended,

Literally flying through the air. Your arm as far is it will go.


Your fingers curled at the edge of the Frisbee is about to meet them.

Suddenly, everything goes quiet, .The whole world comes to a stop.

You are at the center of the Universe.

At one with your intention to catch the Frisbee, you breath peaks,

you feel the Frisbee in your hand as you begin to descend.

You caught it.

Movement picks up again, to it's normal pace,

and you feel your body touch down on the ground and you come to rest.

You feel like Superman.


You are studying a martial art.

You've been at it for a couple of years.

Lately. it feels that you're really progressing quickly.

The Sensei tells you that there will be tournament and he wants you to participate.

The catch is, you will be challenging others with more experience.

You do your best and you know it.

You are able to execute at your highest level yet, 

and you are outperformed by tour opponent.


But, you notice that although you have lost the match,

there is an all-encompassing sense of well being that seems to be moving through you.

You look at your opponent, and although you have lost, you are exhilarated.

Your performance was extraordinary for you..

You are grateful to your opponent for giving you this opportunity. 

You are swimming in  a sensation of YES!!,

Bring it on. I am ready for more..this is great!


If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

But make allowance for their doubting too..........          

.........If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds' worth of distance run --

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,

And -- which is more -- you'll be a Man, my son!"

                                            If, by Rudyard Kipling



Let me share a secret with you.

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What's interesting is that all of these stories were about experiences in the past.

Yet the individuals who were recalling them, were experiencing the original fullness they felt, in the present.

They were reliving the experience, and firing all the muscles that led them to that experience, all over again.

Up until that moment, it seemed to them that the event was just a story about their past.

However, when lead to it, they realized that they were able to totally relive the experience, totally.

They could generate, on their own, all the excitement, joy, exhilaration and energy of the original moment.

And if that is true, what would stop them from living inside of this peak experience all the time?

And if they could live inside of this experience all the time,

how would that impact their life, and the lives of others around them?

So, the question to be asking might be,

if I can be like this, why would I be choosing something else?

Tell the story of a time when you were at your best.

When you couldn't put a foot in the wrong place?

When you are like this, who are you?



In your imagination there is a way that you are when your life works.


If that's not the reality your are living inside of, what are you waiting for?

DO you think you will wake up one day and you will be magically transformed?


When you are that person, the one you imagine, living that life,

others will see you as that person, and will respond to you in the way you imagine you want them too.


What is true, is that others ARE NOT seeing you, and all you have to offer, because there is something fundamentally missing from how you present yourself.


Let me show you where to be putting your energy, your attention, so that you can make your dream, REALITY.

Would you be willing to grow yourself up,

to have this experience, instead of one which is limiting?

Would you be willing to let go of the stories you tell yourself; about being a victim,

of blaming other people and situations for why you are who you are?

Would you be willing to step into the unknown, letting go of the familiar, the comfortable, in order to have your life?

To many people the answer is NO!

Those who say YES get to live extraordinary lives.

If it is NO, I'm actually surprised that you made it to this sentence.

Clearly this work is not for you.





  • Mythoself™ Associate Facilitator
  • VP Sales-Sr. Executive Training, Joseph Riggio Institute
  • High Performance Personal Development Coach
  • NGH Certified Hypnotist
  • NLP Master Practitioner

Licensed Associate Facilitator Mythogenic Self tm Model

National Guild of Hypnotists




NGH Certified Hypnotist

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, Society of NLP





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 MARK SCHWIMMER  provides personal consulting, guidance, business consulting, e-classes, personal performance coaching, positive thinking training,  elimination of unwanted patterns, and behaviors, like, negative thinking, "I don't want","I can't", creating new thought patterns, "I want"," I can", also education, to learn, to create, high performance. In New York,  MARK SCHWIMMER  offers Mytho-Self™ Model, Mythogenic Self(tm) Model as an Associate Facilitator in the modality, as designed and taught by Dr. Joseph Riggio,   MARK SCHWIMMER  offers life by design, not default.





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