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How Hypnosis Works - Our Three Minds

You may already know of all the Brainwave activity measurements for hypnosis from the biofeedback technicians very interesting and enlightening, and perhaps also you heard that that we have three brains:

 These are the three minds responsible for different things in our life. Everyone has them, everyone can access them in hypnosis under the supervision of a trained professional. Definition of Hypnosis: Hypnosis is a state of mind when one bypasses the critical factor and achieves acceptable selective thinking.

Text Box: Conscious - Has 4 functions that Hypnotists are concerned about Analytical, Rational (mental health counselors work with this area), Will Power (which was never meant to give us any behavioral change, really), Temporary Memory (which helps us in daily life). Therefore, conscious interventions do not work.

Subconscious Permanent Memory, (you have never forgotten any thing that you have heard, that was said to you, every feeling that you have ever felt, everything that you saw or experienced). Habits, (billions of them which boils down to three categories of habits Good, Bad and Utilitarian habits responds in the same way to the same trigger Telephone ringing, for example, and you run to answer it.) Emotions, feeling level mind. Protective Part of our Mind. Lazy part of our mind, how do you like this! Accepting negative suggestions easily and positive suggestions take time to get in it.

Unconscious Mind - Autonomic Body Functions (ABF) - Eye Blinking, Breathing, Respiration, Heart Beating, functions that you don't think about consciously. For therapeutic work one needs to be in this level of hypnosis. Benefits Builds up the immune system, brings up past life memories, accurate regressions.

























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