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Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) in New York City

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention to the exclusion of everything else. We are naturally in a hypnotic trance literally hundreds of times each day. Mostly  we are unaware of the trance we are in, and being in hypnosis we can act in a habitual way. Some behaviors that are habituated may be destructive. Hypnotherapy helps with changing destructive behaviors to behavior that is conducive to desired result.



What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a way to use hypnosis with the purpose to  improve of someone's life. Hypnosis is a technique, hypnotherapy is a method by which this technique is employed.

Hypnotherapy is now to be called hypnotism or hypnosis, per NY state legislature since 2005. Hypnotherapy is the method of using hypnosis. So asking for hypnotherapy you are actually asking for hypnosis services.

Hypnosis as a methodology in a clinical setting like our office. In a one-one-one environment the change occurs very quickly, sometime it is only a matter of a few minutes.



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Where is Hypnosis done?

Hypnosis sessions offered in a quiet environment, in a convenient location in New York City. Sessions are individual, or dual for family or for kids with a parent.


For programs like weight loss, self confidence, and some anxiety relief programs call Mark at 347-783-9136 or fill out the form below.

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What Hypnosis can do for you:

Hypnosis can dramatically improve your health, self-confidence, motivation, creativity, learning, concentration and memory, as well as quickly relieve stress and physical discomfort, reprogram negative and destructive habits, fears and anxiety, and effectively assist in self-discovery and personal quest. Book your appointment online (click here).

Hypnosis utilizes advanced techniques to improve your general health, ability to relax, various problems, self-confidence and a sense of well-being.

Hypnotist (formerly called Hypnotherapist) works with you through a relaxed slightly meditative state so you can achieve greater clarity in accepting positive suggestion. The techniques allow identifying the causal factors remaining in the subconscious mind, and releasing the negative, or destructive patterns of habits.

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Some areas where Hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is extremely effective:

AND Spiritual Health Hypnosis and Spiritual Development Hypnosis:

Female Health:

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Clients Testimonials

Hypnotherapy is not covered by insurance.

Hypnosis Interest:

Visualization Techniques

Hypnosis programs

Hypnosis Professional Training

Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Professional Training

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Clients enjoy a safe and quiet, interactive environment. They are taught stress reduction techniques including breathing exercises and self-hypnosis to facilitate change, receive life coaching and learn coping skills and other techniques relevant to their problems. Between sessions, reinforcement and encouragement is achieved through the use of audiotapes/CDs in the privacy of his/her home.

Hypnosis (hypnotherapy) assists you to discover and access your creative, unlimited potential, your powerful mind, allowing for the release of negative or limiting habits and associated ideas. We all experience doubts or setbacks. Resolving problems related to self-esteem, confidence or motivation is one of the most important and valuable capabilities of Hypnosis.

Professional Hypnotism has two divisions/directions: Stage Hypnotism and Clinical Hypnotism (Hypnotherapy). We do not do stage hypnotism in this office.


Stage hypnotism has a different goal. The only goal in stage hypnotism is to entertain. You have seen stage hypnosis shows in high school, or college.


In Clinical Hypnotism, as what we practice in this office and as what we teach in our school, the goal is to give you tools, teach you the ability to use hypnosis so you can use it for yourself (self-hypnosis) and to help others achieve what they want for themselves in their life.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis (altogether hypnotherapy is now called hypnotism and hypnosis):

What Is Hypnosis (hypnotherapy is now to be called hypnotism and hypnosis)?
What is Hypnosis?
History of Hypnosis

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Hypnosis By Phone
Hypnosis (hypnotherapy is now to be called hypnotism and hypnosis) Programs

Other Hypnosis (formerly hypnotherapy) Programs

 Learn Progressive Relaxation and Neuro-Muscular Relaxation  Call Mark at 347-783-9136

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Hypnosis Works


"I have been using your CDs and I still find your voice angelical. Such sweetness!" Diana, 34. Hypnosis (hypnotherapy is now to be called hypnotism and hypnosis) Certification Graduate.

Articles about Hypnosis

How our mind works


How Hypnosis is different from Hypnotherapy read here.

CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY - Hypnotizing patients for surgery, Article

More About Morrin

Take the responsibility for your life, change what you have to and move on toward your own fulfillment. We will assist you on your journey - you are ready for your LIFE BETWEEN LIVES SPIRITUAL REGRESSION.

Successful, lasting results may require several Hypnosis (hypnotherapy is now to be called hypnotism and hypnosis) sessions. You may be required to listen to an audio tape of your session for reinforcement. You are responsible for actively cooperating with, and participating in, the success of your program. Neither Morrin Bass nor New York Awareness Center shall be held accountable for the results you attain. You may be referred elsewhere for treatment, or have your hypnosis program terminated if deemed appropriate by NEW YORK AWARENESS CENTER.

All information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential.

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Hypnosis Breathing

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