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Testimonials from Spiritual Clients:



... the past life regression with me was so transformative and I wanted to share with you the unbelievable impact that the work has had on my life. It has taken about a week and a half for all of it to sink in but I am aware of important but subtle changes that have taken place in me with regard to the information that I learned through the connection with the “in-between/source” space and wisdom that seemed to channel through me. I feel a new sense of clarity and calm. I am so grateful for the experience and just wanted to share that with you."



"Wow. What a trip. What a great feeling of relief and knowing. I know how I can go on now." Ellen, LF. Past Life Regression client.

"Life Between Lives was an amazing revelation. I learned about myself, about my family, my work, and especially my light and my divine helpers and guidance, something I never even thought possible. WOW!!! Your guidance is so nurturing and gentle, and the questions you ask are so informative, answers flow out of me as if someone speaking through my channel to me about myself. You are so natural at it and so knowledgeable, I so enjoyed our session, I think it was the greatest gift in my life to know you through this work. My warmest heartfelt thanks to you, may the Light be with you." Myra, 51, Life Between Lives client.


          "Thanks very much Morrin.  It was a pleasure working with you!  I am now clear on a lot of things and look forward to my new life." Lisa S. Past Lives and Life Between Lives client.


"You are an amazing woman Morrin.  You are so full of love and you are on your path to help people be happier, more centered, peaceful, and loving themselves and each other.  I admire you so much. Love, M"

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