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Hypnosis For Weight Loss / Weight Management with Hypnosis


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What you will be able to do:

  • To discover yourself

  • To love yourself

  • To think positive

  • To think thin instead of losing

  • To part with excess weight

  • To live the lifestyle you like

  • To never be on a diet again

  • To feel free

  • To let go of negativity

  • To open up to love

  • And much more...


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WHAT "THE 6 Session Weight Management Program" DOES FOR YOU:

  • Educates you on how your present lifestyle and diet create the body you have now

  • Eliminates any need to punish yourself

  • Re-creates powerful feelings of SELF ESTEEM within you

  • Makes you Forgive yourself for all previous mistakes and  misjudgments

  • Uses hypnosis to create new unconscious eating patterns, lose weight, become stronger and healthier

  • Experience freedom from eating choices that you know are detrimental

  • Experience the relaxation of a Hypnotic treatment and feel wonderful!


Who is a good candidate for this program?

Anyone who wants to lose weight and feel great.  Anyone who wants to look good and feel sexy, anyone who wants to raise self-esteem and attain and sustain a happy relationship with their body, and wit food..

This hypnotic program is designed for those people whose excess weight is a result of overeating, and eating the wrong foods.. This program does not address those whose excess of weight is the result of physiological, or medical causes. If you fall into the category of overweight overeaters, your problem is not in your metabolic rate; it is, most likely, in your beliefs and patterns in regard to food, and your unconscious habits. You may have lost weight with lots of conscious effort. Your conscious mind served as a military force to keep your hunger habits from invading. But, as soon as you reached your goal and stopped dieting, your unconscious mind took over again. This is because the unconscious mind is a great deal stronger than the conscious mind, and you did what you were most strongly directed to do: You ate more than your body physically needed. This program is designed for those who want to improve their appearance by losing weight without medication or formulaic dieting.

Program Structure:

Sessions are approximately 1,5-2 hours long. The first 4 sessions are scheduled once a week and followed up by 2  bi-weekly sessions.  Chose the program that suits you depending on the depth of your problem and the weight you want to lose. All sessions on individual programs are individually tailored specifically for you.

Everyone's body and needs are different  - this is why we recommend gradual weight loss to make it permanent. As a result you will be able to assume a new outlook on your life.


Hypnosis weight loss begins gradually,  once your unconscious mind receives repatterning your progress becomes more  rapid, and permanent.


You will be able to lose weight working through hypnosis quickly and healthily.  Any issues, or events. that may have initiated your weight  problem will be eliminated.  In all weight loss programs  you will  learn self-hypnosis, and be able to use it for any other outcomes you wish in the future.


You may be asked to practice at home with a self-hypnosis CD with weight loss suggestions to assist you in your reprogramming. 


You will experience deep hypnosis during your sessions. In some cases you can expect to uncover  any deeper causes that had made weight management difficult for you. You will  uncover your limiting beliefs, your relationship with food, and your body image All programs are designed to reprogram your behavior in the first session and reinforce new Remember, you progress is totally YOURS. Wherever you want to be - you end up being. Your hypnotists assists you in making steps that are appropriate for you and sustaining your new eating patterns.

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Your Unconscious Cannot Reason

The reason you overeat may not be at all clear to you. It is not only WHAT you eat, it is also WHEN and WHY! Any motive that is capable of making you operate in a way that causes you long-term physical, emotional, social, or mental discomfort is a motive that has, most likely, been well buried in order to avoid recognition. Uncovering the reason will almost always brings relief to the eating problem. With an experienced hypnotist you are set up for success through the process of uncovering the truth and being honest with yourself, eliminating guilt and fears and bringing confidence to achieving your positive goals.

Determine When, Where and Why you eat:

Do you eat to reward or entertain yourself?

If the answer is yes, continue to read. Remember the early childhood experiences, when you were rewarded for your accomplishments with a cookie, or candy. As a grown-up you celebrate with your friends and family by going out to a restaurant to eat. In the movies, you eat popcorn, and candy, and a soda, despite the age. Sitting in front of the TV, do you crunch on a cookie or a snack? On the job, you take prospective clients out to lunch and dinner and eat with them. Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you eat when you need attention?

Try "I eat when I need attention." The more you think about this one, the more it may hurt - Try remembering again. As a baby cries, he gets his bottle, or is picked up to be held by mommy. You make a candlelight dinner for a loved one to please him, to have him smile at you and be nice to you. When you are upset, you give yourself a treat - cake, or a cookie. The trouble is that this behavior creates a viscous cycle: The larger you are physically,  the more you feel the social pressure to be thin and lovable from a social point of view. Unfortunately, our society rewards thin and scorns fat, which leads us to the next major cause.

Do you eat because you are scared?

Scared? Sexuality, attraction, consequences, problems, decisions, relationships..... Situations that demand your attention and responsibility may be emotional and involved. But, if your present situation demands nothing of you because your attractive self is literally safe hiding inside the overweight body, and you may be thinking that there are talented, interesting, and overweight people who still have sexual appeal, and, of course, this is true. But the general rule is that you are not enticing, nor do you seem receptive.

Insecure people encourage their partners to eat more and get more overweight, so they will be unattractive to their competition. Thus securing the partner all to themselves.

Some cultures believe that it is unhealthy to be thin and therefore undesirable. If you have extra few pounds on you, you are less open to diseases and therefore healthier.

Three-Step Procedure

  1. Understanding of your eating patterns is the first and most important step toward the new self image. 

  2. The next step is to create a new self image - visualize yourself being attractive physically, having peace emotionally. To achieve this visualization one needs to develop a concrete understanding of the reasons they need to lose weight, and imagine their image in detail as if in a future mirror.

  3. Then you need to create a plan including the new habits and patterns of your food intake and follow this plan. For example, when you need a break at work, when you watch TV, you get up and walk, rather then grabbing a snack, drink a glass of water or tea, replacing the old habit with a new pattern. Reprogramming yourself for the new positive change. Instead of eating and snacking create an activity, take up a hobby, exercise, walk, call a friend, knit, listen to you hypnosis tape, relax, and take control over your life.

Your Worksheet:


The following exercise will help you to further analyze your eating pattern. To identify when you are most likely to eat, where you eat, and why you eat, indicate yes or no next to each item in the list below.

Circle appropriate words:
Circle the reasons WHEN -- I eat when I am:
frustrated stressed nervous bored angry hungry happy lonely anxious

Circle the places WHERE -- I eat:
watching TV with company while reading at breaks at lunch with friends/clients traveling between work/home at sports events in bed

Circle the reasons WHY -- I eat when I need:
attention entertainment love reward companionship to occupy myself to think about something else when I need a change in my activity to relax to compensate for something unpleasant to feel more important to feel secure for sexual attention
other: _______________________________________

After you have checked the times, locations, and reasons you overeat, you can begin to change your behavior model. Look back at the WHEN category. Which ones are checked for yes?

Below, expand upon what you've circled. Under the WHEN heading, write, "I eat whenever I am (nervous, bored, and so on)." Follow the same procedure for the WHERE and WHY categories. Now you have three or more statements that are true just for you.


Now, give yourself time to think of alternative activities. Make sure that these activities genuinely appeal to you. They are ones that you will commit yourself to during hypnosis. Below are just examples of substitute activities (new options for old habits) to stimulate your thinking.


Old: I eat when I am bored.
New: When I am bored, I read a book, I call a friend, or go for a walk, exercise, work on my hobby, I use my positive hypnotic suggestion, I do self hypnosis, I listen to my weight loss tape.

Old: I eat when I am anxious.
New: When I am anxious I take a few moments to close my eyes and relax with my deep breathing exercises. I exercise, or work on my favorite project or hobby, I take a bath, etc. I use my positive hypnotic suggestion for feelings of well being, I do self hypnosis, I listen to my weight reduction tape.

Old: I eat when I am lonely.
New: When I am lonely I work on my social schedule, I call a friend, write a letter, or entry in my personal journal, run an errand for someone who needs assistance, or interact with a neighbor who needs company, I join a social club, attend a meeting, I use my post hypnotic suggestion for feelings of well being, I do self hypnosis, I listen to my weight reduction tape.

Old: I eat too much or snack between work and my home.
New: On my way home from work I walk part of the way, go for a drive to a scenic spot, take a walk,  I read, I call a friend, I use my post hypnotic suggestion for feelings of well being.

Old: I eat in bed
New: When I am in bed I do my relaxation exercises, review my accomplishments and good qualities before going to sleep. I read, or make a schedule for the next day, I use my post hypnotic suggestion for feelings of well being, I do self hypnosis, I listen to my weight reduction tape.

Old: I eat whenever I need a change in activity.
New: If I am engaged in a sedentary activity such as sitting at my desk, I change to one which is mobile, such as doing sit-ups. If I am engaged in an activity which is mobile, I change to one which is calming, such as reading, I use my post hypnotic suggestion for feelings of well being, I do self hypnosis, I listen to my weight reduction tape.

Your New Objectives

Now you need to look at your overall objectives. These are the same for everyone:

    1. To experience weight loss
    2. To incorporate new habits into your life

    3. To maintain the weight you want for life

The third objective is really the key to numbers 1 and 2. As you already know, the amount you eat and the way in which you use food is a pattern that has been established in your subconscious. In order to change your negative eating pattern, a new pattern must be created. You need to reprogram your subconscious. This is accomplished through hypnosis and self-hypnosis reinforcement and audio taped hypnotic reinforcement.

The Program is designed to help you think, feel, and act in certain ways. The hypnotic suggestions assists your personal reprogramming of  your subconscious by instilling positive suggestions that you have designed.

What To Expect:

In each program you will be taught self-hypnotic techniques to assist you through the process of losing weight. Emotional cleansing techniques are applied, cleansing emotional issues and pains through the process. If necessary regression techniques are applied. Experienced hypnotist guides you through the process, linking the desired outcome to the present moment.

With each session you get a reinforcement tape, easy and effortless listening, teaching and preparing the mind for positive outcome setting you up for success. Changing the ways you think, feel and believe prepared you for the positive changes in your behavior. After you begin listening to the tape, you'll begin to accept a slimmer self and to desire healthier foods that contain fewer calories. In addition, you'll have begun to establish new habits for when, where, and why you eat. Though your behavior may change immediately, your actual weight loss, of course, will be gradual. 


What will happen:

1. Disconnect from the food as a source of all good.
2. Creating a new image of self as a slimmer self.
3. Increasing the intake of HEALTHY foods, water, eating less food in general.
4. Blending the new eating behavior model into real life.

5. Incorporate more physical activity, create hobbies in place of eating.

6. Strengthening your self confidence.



The five rules of the The Leptin Diet are:
Rule 1: Eat nothing after dinner.
Rule 2: Eat three meals a day.
Rule 3: Eat small meals.
Rule 4: Eat a breakfast containing protein.
Rule 5: Reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten.



Allow 11-12 hours between dinner and breakfast. Never go to bed on a full stomach. Finish eating dinner at least three hours before bed.
One of leptin’s main rhythms follows a 24-hour pattern. Leptin levels are highest in the evening hours. This is because leptin, like the conductor in the orchestra, sets the timing for nighttime repair. It coordinates the timing and release of melatonin, thyroid hormone, growth hormone, sex hormones, and immune system function to carry out rejuvenating sleep. It does this while burning fat at the maximum rate compared to any other time of the day. And it does this only if you will allow it, by not eating after dinner.
It is pretty obvious when this isn’t working so well. Your extra carvings for food may begin around 4 o’clock in the afternoon and certainly later in the evening. These cravings are powered by a misguided leptin signal to eat, causing strong urges that often overwhelm your will power and self control. If you are in this situation you will find yourself circling the refrigerator and cupboards, like an animal hunting its prey. You will find excuses to obtain food and often will then plop yourself in front of the TV and begin to eat. This is the leptin nightmare, the drive to acquire food even though rationally you know you don’t need it.
Make every effort to not eat after dinner at night.


Allow 5-6 hours between meals. Do not snack.
It is vital to create times during the day when small fat blobs, known as triglycerides, are cleared from your blood. If triglycerides build up during the day they physically clog leptin entry into your brain, causing leptin resistance – meaning that leptin cannot register properly in your subconscious command and control center. Your metabolism is not designed to deal with constant eating and snacking. Doing so confuses your metabolism and results in you eating much more than you really need. Eating too often is like a repetitive strain injury, like tennis elbow but in this case leptin elbow.
Yes, you are supposed to get a snack between meals – but it is supposed to come from your liver. This is how your body naturally clears triglycerides from your blood. Besides that fact that these fat blobs confuse leptin, they are also headed in the direction of your hips, thighs, and stomach. So breaking them down and clearing them out is vital, and this only happens when you allow 5-6 hours between meals. When you clear your circulatory highways of extra fat during the day then leptin works better. When you do a great job during the day then you are much more likely to break down and burn stored fat from your hips and thighs while you are sleeping.
Snacking turns out to be one of the worst things you can do. It doesn’t matter how many calories you snack on, when you snack you throw powerful hormonal switches that cause leptin to malfunction. The fictitious idea that snacking is needed to stoke your metabolism or maintain your blood sugar is in no small part behind dietary advice that has helped cause an epidemic of obesity.


If you are overweight, always try to finish a meal when slightly less than full, the full signal will usually catch up in 10-20 minutes. Eating slowly is important. As you improve you will start getting full signals at your meals – listen to this internal cue and stop eating.
One of the traits of the non-obese French population, that is before the American junk food industry swooped down upon them, is that their people listen to the internal full signal. In America, especially in those who are overweight, portion size is determined by what is available – this is called the see food diet – what you see is what you eat.
Unless you are a super active individual with very high physical output of energy, the fastest way to cause leptin problems is to eat large meals. It does not matter if the meal is composed mostly of fat, carbohydrate, or protein. Consistently eating large meals is the easiest way there is to poison your body with food.


Your metabolism can increase by 30% for as long as 12 hours from a high-protein meal; the calorie-burning equivalent of a two to three mile jog. A high-carbohydrate breakfast such as juice, cereal, waffles, pancakes, or bagels does not enhance metabolic rate more than 4%, especially when eaten with little protein.
This rule is especially important for individuals who struggle with energy, food cravings, and/or body weight. In general, it is a necessity for anyone over the age of 40. While some people may be able to run their metabolism just fine on a higher carbohydrate breakfast for a number of years, this tends not to be the case for any person struggling with their weight.
The two signs of a poor breakfast are:
1) You are unable to make it five hours to lunch without food cravings or your energy crashing.
2) You are much more prone to strong food cravings later that afternoon or evening.
Eggs are a good breakfast, just not smothered in butter and cheese. Cottage cheese is another high protein breakfast food, and along with a serving of complex carbohydrate or fruit makes a great breakfast. Even a few tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter (not half the jar) on a piece of toast could work well, especially if you are in a hurry.
I like high-efficiency whey protein for quick and easy breakfasts, such as our Daily Protein Plus. It is quality protein that gets you metabolism started on the right foot and will keep you more stable during the day.


Carbohydrates are easy-to-use fuels. If you eat too many of them there is no need for your body to dip into its savings account. It is very important that you eat some carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are needed or your thyroid turns off, electrolytes become dis-regulated, muscles weaken, growth hormone is not released correctly, fat is not burned efficiently, there is an unsatisfied feeling after a meal, your heart can become stressed, and your digestive system may go on the blink. I certainly do not advocate a no-carbohydrate diet. You don’t want to make yourself into a carbohydrate cripple.
However, most overweight individuals eat two or more times the amount of carbohydrates they are able to metabolize. If you are trying to lose weight an easy way to do this is what I call the 50/50 technique. Look at the food on your plate. You want to see a palm-size portion of protein (a 4-6 ounce portion for women; 6-8 ounce portion for men). And then you want to see a palm size amount of the carbohydrates, a 50/50 visual. This way there is no calorie counting. Compare the protein (chicken, meat, turkey, eggs) to the carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, fruit, corn, squash, etc,). Fill up on fiber rich vegetables as desired.
If you think you really need more food than this, then take a tablespoon or two of good soluble fiber before you eat, like our Fiber Helper or our LeptiFiber, and you will not only feel more full on less food but your insulin and leptin response to your meal will be smoothed out and in many cases enhanced.
In summary, one key take home message about the science of leptin is that it is just as important when you eat as what you eat. Eating throws powerful hormonal switches. Make sure you throw them at the right time so that your body can do what it was intended to do. When you eat in harmony with leptin your head will feel clearer and your energy better, your cravings will go away, and your health will improve. There is a lot of power in these five simple rules.


  • IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 and you are looking to lose weight over 35lbs

You must be accompanied by a legal guardian and they must sign the forms for you at the hypnotherapy appointment.

  • IF YOU NEED TO LOSE MORE THAN 35 POUNDS of excess weight

You must bring a written referral from your doctor, stating that there are no medical objections for you to see a hypnotherapist  for  weight loss.

24-hour Cancellation Policy:

24-hour cancellation policy applies to ALL scheduled appointments. If less than 24-hour notice given to reschedule your appointment you may be charged a fine applied to your next appointment fee, or your complimentary session is considered waved.


Hypnotherapy assists you to discover and access your creative, unlimited potential, thereby allowing for the release of negative or limiting habits and associated ideas. We all experience doubts or setbacks. Resolving problems related to self-esteem, confidence or motivation is one of the most important and valuable capabilities of hypnotherapy.

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